Parent and Teacher Notes for Cluichí Teanga, an Irish language resource for acquired Irish for children aged 11-16.

Cluichí Teanga - Parent and Teacher Notes

Wipe-out Squares

Wipe-out Squares, is an interactive quiz show that allows the learner to practise vocabulary, verbs and tenses.

There are nine squares on the Glan Amach na Boscaí quiz board. Guided by the host, Nuala, the learner is asked to pick squares from the board. Hidden behind the squares are three questions, three lucky stars and three wipe-out squares.

If the learner finds three lucky stars or gets three questions right, they win! But if the learner finds three wipe-out squares, they will be 'wiped out' and lose. If they give an incorrect answer to a question, that square turns into a wipe-out. There are six game levels to choose from:

•Level 1 - identifying an object (eg. an elephant, a carrot)

•Level 2 - identifying what someone is doing (eg. eating, reading)

•Level 3 - matching pairs (eg. bread and butter)

•Level 4 - identifying the correct tense (eg. past, present, future)

•Level 5 - identifying who is doing something (eg. he, she, they)

•Level 6 - all of the above

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