Parent and Teacher Notes for Cluichí Teanga, an Irish language resource for acquired Irish for children aged 11-16.

Information For Teachers and Parents

Sentence Building / Tógáil Abairtí

Users can practice creating sentences in the past, present or future tenses with Sentence Building. Fristly choose a lego figure to represent yourself and start building sentences.

In levels 1 and 2, the learner chooses words from groups of words to generate sentences ie. a person (I, he, she or we), a verb (love, like, hate, buy, eat, wear, play, watch or go) a noun (school, holiday, tv, film, jeans).

A visual representation of the sentence appears on the screen and the audio of the sentence is played to help with pronunciation.

In levels 3 and 4, the learner hears a sentence and has to correctly identify the sentence components.

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