Parent and teacher notes for An Sorcas Ceolmhar an Irish language music site for key stage 2.

Information for Parents and Teachers

Music Circus is part of a collection of Irish language websites for children aged 7-11. Other resources for Key Stage 2 include:

Roll up, roll up! Welcome to An Sorcas Ceolmhar (Music Circus) where you can discover all sorts of amazing musical activities inside the wagons and tents.

You can move around the circus freely and visit the games and activities in any order. Choose which path to take by clicking on the green arrow. Step inside a tent or wagon by clicking on the large 'Isteach' (enter) arrow.


Júcbhosca (Jukebox)
Listen to all sorts of music, from rock to reggae, pop to hip hop, in Madame Vaudeville's luxurious wagon. Learn about 11 musical genres by reading simple notes about the music as you listen.

Cistin an Cheoil (Music Kitchen)
This is a collection of rhythm and sound activities. Give Cáit na Cistine a helping hand in her musical kitchen and keep the beat with Gearóid the dish-washing robot. Get jamming with Ruairí the chef and create your own rhythms.

Cábán na Cumadóireachta (Composing Cabin)
Choose a video clip then create a soundtrack for it using the wide choice of musical styles, instruments and rhythms.

Cábán na bhFíseán (Video Cabin)

Watch a collection of music related video clips by clicking on the TV screen next to each wagon or tent.

Some clips feature composers talking about how they compose, their favourite songs and what inspires them.

Other clips feature the traditional music band 'Crúb agus Béal'.


If you get lost or want to take a shortcut directly to an activity, then click on the map icon in the bottom left hand corner.

Tool bar

On the left hand side of the tool bar is a title which helps you keep tabs of where you are in the Music Circus.

Use the speaker icon on the right to alter the audio volume.

Logging in

You are only able to save your work, while you are logged in, at the end of selected games. You will need to create a profile that will be kept on the computer where you are working. Choose a unique name and use it to load your profile in future.

You can delete a specific profile or all the profiles on your computer by going to the profile management page.

Audio and visual help
Click on the 'Mo Leagan Féin' button to:
• resize on-screen text and change text and background colours
• hear on-screen text being read out
• make captions available for most video and audio content.

These preferences are not accessible while you are in the Information for Parents and Teachers section.

You can also navigate most content using the keyboard.

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