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Ceann Dubhrann

10-part series with the famous seanchaí, John Ghráinne from Rannafast, Co. Donegal.

It is the heritage of Rann na Feirste which draws great crowds of teenagers to the area every summer, to attend Coláiste Bhríde, a prestigous Irish college that is acclaimed throughout the land.
It was from this area that great Irish literary talent emerged, for example, Séamus ‘Máire’ Ó Grianna, and Seosamh Mac Grianna, who created some of the most significant work in the modern Ulster literature canon.

Listen to the entire audio series ‘Ceann Dubhrann’, produced by Antaine Ó Donnaile, in which he speaks to Rannafast resident Seán Ó Duibheannaigh, or John Ghráinne, who is known to and respected by, Irish-speakers all over the world, particularly former students of Coláiste Bhríde, Rannafast. John has a wealth of stories, folklore and local knowledge that is not as widely known today as it once was, and therefore is in danger of being lost.  Also known by the ancestral name John Phadaí Hiúdaí, his love and affection for his place of birth is obvious through the old stories of local adventures of which he is a reverent curator. 

Listen to Clár 1
In the first programme John Ghráinne speaks about the first group of people to settle in Rannafast, or ‘Ceann Dubhrann’.

Listen to Clár 2
In this programme John talks about the old belief in ghosts, and the fear people would have of supernatural events.

Listen to Clár 3
In this programme John talks about Father Lorcán Ó Muirí, who founded Coláiste Bhríde in Rannafast, where summer college courses are held to this day.

Listen to Clár 4
In this programme John gives his opinion about the decline of Irish in his homeplace, Rannafast, and he describes how it was when he was growing up.

Listen to Clár 5
In this programme John describes his early life in Scotland, where he went seeking work as a teenager with his father.

Listen to Clár 6
In this programme John talks about the heavy fieldwork done by the men and the hardships suffered by them.

Listen to Clár 7
In this programme John is storyteller, recounting old stories from Irish mythology which he often heard on a visiting night with his neighbours when he was growing up.

Listen to Clár 8
In this programme John tells the story of an Óige, An Saol Mór agus an Bás.

Listen to Clár 9
In this programme John explains some of the words and some of the superstitions that were common in days gone by, that are no longer prevalent.

Listen to Clár 10
In the last programme of the series, John tells the story of Fionnbhráid, and he gives some advice to those who are learning Irish.

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