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féinrialaithe autonomous, self-ruling
ríocht kingdom
tírdhreach landscape
coillte woods
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Asturias - Unblemished Paradise?

Asturias on the Spanish coast offers a glimpse of more untouched and authentic Spain.

Asturias sits on the north coast of Spain and is one of the best known regions of ‘Green Spain’.  It is an autonomous region which was a separate kingdom from Spain centuries ago.  It has a breath-taking landscape, from the fresh green forests to the huge majestic and awe-inspiring peaks of Les Picos de Europa which sweep down to the sea. Some of the most spectacular sights in Europe are to be found in Asturias, with a long coast where sparkling clear seas pound white sand.

Asturias has links to the ancient Celts, and remnants of the Celtic culture can still be seen in her arcitecture and relics.

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