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The Blind Elephant Collective

Caomhán Mac an Iomaire describes how the artist group, The Blind Elephant Collective works and their blog's importance.

Dillon Gallery, Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich

The Blind Elephant Collective are a group of artists from different disciplines, focusing on themed projects. A central part of their artwork is their blog, “Blind Elephant Illustration Collective”. They choose a particular statement of theme each month and publish images on the blog accordingly. The theme of the current project in the Cultúrlann is a reinterpretation of quotations from a wide range of painters and writers. The exhibition in the Gerald Dillon Gallery continues until Thursday, 23 February.

“I don’t’ believe in God but I Believe in Picasso” - Diego Rivera

The Blind Elephant Collective from Blas available since 2nd February 2012

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In this video, one of the group’s artists, Caomhán Mac An Iomaire, describes how the group works and their blog’s importance.

Blind Elephant Illustration Collective

Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich

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