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Giota Níos Mó: Irish Level 3

In this article we have brought together all episodes from our level 3 Irish language course, Giota Níos Mó (meaning A Bit More). Follow the links to individual lessons and key vocabulary.

Giota Níos Mó: Lesson One

In this lesson, you’ll learn that the word ‘Didgeridoo’ may have its origins in the Irish language and how to tell someone that you are chatty and friendly.  You’ll also get to meet some of the characters in our soap “Barr na Sráide”.

Giota Níos Mó: Lesson Two

Learn how to say the Irish equivalent of “a good word never hurt anyone” and how to say old, older and oldest.  You will also meet the rest of the family in “Barr na Sráide”.

Giota Níos Mó: Lesson Three

In this lesson you’ll hear some computer terms in Irish, you’ll learn more about how the sentences in the first two programmes fit together, and you’ll find out about Fionn Mac Cumhaill’s cousins – who weren’t human!!

Giota Níos Mó: Lesson Four

In Lesson 4, wedding fever hits Barr na Sráide, there are some words of wisdom in our seanfhocal, and what exactly did Queen Elizabeth II say in Irish when she visited Dublin?

Giota Níos Mó: Lesson Five

Find out about the health issues in Barr na Sráide! Again, you’ll learn more about how the phrases learnt so far fit together and we’ll examine the Irish language motto of the Royal Irish Regiment.

Giota Níos Mó: Lesson Six

In this lesson, with one third of the series complete, you’ll hear a lot of language learning advice. We have car problems in Barr na Sráide and you’ll learn how to wish someone all the best on their upcoming marriage.

Giota Níos Mó: Lesson Seven

In Lesson 7, we’re going to play around a bit!  You’ll get the chance to have some structured play time with your language learning. We find out how the car got on at the MOT in Barr na Sráide and you’ll learn how to wish someone good luck with a newly purchased item!

Giota Níos Mó: Lesson Eight

In this lesson, we visit Rathlin Island and Toraigh plus we have another new seanfhocal and we’ll really push on with your language learning and expand on what you will be able to say.

Giota Níos Mó: Lesson Nine

Learn how to talk about your daily routine and get healthy at the same time!  We also explore the meaning and lore behind some wonderful local placenames.

Giota Níos Mó: Lesson Ten

In Lesson 10, you’ll get healthier with Yoga in Barr na Sráide!! We continue to explore place names and, as usual, there’s another seanfhocal for you to digest – literally almost!

Giota Níos Mó: Lesson Eleven

Learn more on how to describe things you do regularly, in other words, more about the Present Tense. We feature how the Irish language influenced American slang and Fearghal will be talking to the animals – honestly!  In fact it may stir a few memories for those of us with rural roots!

Giota Níos Mó: Lesson Twelve

In this lesson, you’ll learn more about asking and answering questions in the Present Tense. You’ll be meeting “na síogaí” – or the fairies - and, as usual, there are some words of wisdom in our seanfhocal.

Giota Níos Mó: Lesson Thirteen

Learn how to quick-text in Irish, and practice being very endearing to people!  We’ll also find out what happened to Bran in our soap, Barr na Sráide.

Giota Níos Mó: Lesson Fourteen

In this lesson, you’ll develop language learnt in Lesson 13, we’ll study briefly a well-known poem in Irish and Barr na Sráide comes to terms with the death of Bran.

Giota Níos Mó: Lesson Fifteen

In this lesson, the last in the series, you’ll learn a quicker and very conversational way to express “belonging or possession” and we look to the future – in more ways than one!

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