CBBC schedule

CBBC schedule

  1. 7:00am

    Just Kidding - Series 1 :
    Episode 18

    Kids concoct the most preposterous pranks on unsuspecting adults.

    (Not available)

  2. 7:20am

    Coming Soon

    Strange Hill High - Series 1 :
    14. The End Of Terminator

    After a technology upgrade, the school delinquents become curiously well behaved.

  3. 7:45am

    The Dumping Ground - Series 1 :
    5. What Would Gus Want?

    The Dumping Ground is divided when a couple want to foster Gus.

    (Not available)

  4. 8:15am

    Scooby-Doo and the Loch Ness Monst… :Film :

    Scooby and the crew tackle the mystery of the Loch Ness monster in Scotland.

    (Not available)

  5. 9:30am

    Coming Soon

    Help! My Supply Teacher Is Magic -… :
    Episode 9

    Katherine makes a class believe she can grow a carrot in lightning-quick time.

  6. 9:35am

    Wolfblood Uncovered :
    2. Speed and Stamina

    Bobby explores why wolves can run long distances without ever seeming to get tired.

    (Not available)

  7. 9:50am

    Walk on the Wild Side - Series 1 :
    Episode 4

    Comedy show featuring talking animals.

    (Not available)

  8. 10:20am

    Arthur - Series 14 :
    6. Whistling in the Wind

    The Tibbles are exactly the same, so why can Tommy whistle while Timmy can't?

    (Not available)

  9. 10:35am

    League of Super Evil - Series 2 :
    13. Vote Voltar

    Voltar is fed up with the rules the mayor of Metrotown insists his citizens follow.

    (Not available)

  10. 10:45am

    Minuscule :
    2. It's a Tie!

    It's the insect version of the Winter Olympics and a caterpillar takes on a snail.

    (Not available)

  11. 10:50am

    Shaun the Sheep - Series 2 :
    16. Everything Must Go

    When Bitzer gets bored, Shaun and the flock take over the farmer's road-side stall.

    (Not available)

  12. 11:00am

    What's New Scooby Doo? - Series 3 :
    13. Reef Grief

    Where are the teenagers disappearing to from the beach?

    (Not available)

  13. 11:20am

    Dennis the Menace and Gnasher :
    13. Dennis's School Dinners

    Dennis and co go undercover to give the pupils school dinners they will never forget.

    (Not available)

  14. 11:30am

    Hacker Time - Series 3 :
    6. Khalil and Jason

    Hacker's guests are Khalil Madovi and Jason Callender from 4 O'Clock Club.

    (Not available)

  15. 12:00pm

    Wolfblood - Series 2 :
    11. Best of Both Worlds

    Ceri unexpectedly turns up at the caravan with extraordinary news for Jana.

    (Not available)

  16. 12:30pm

    4 o'Clock Club - Series 2 :
    10. Rights and Responsibilities

    A new code of conduct is introduced by Bell.

    (Not available)

  17. 1:00pm

    4 o'Clock Club - Series 2 :
    11. Music Thief

    Josh samples a famous track without permission.

    (Not available)

  18. 1:25pm

    4 o'Clock Club - Series 2 :
    12. Lockdown

    Josh decides to test once and for all just who is in charge - the teachers or the pupils.

    (Not available)

  19. 1:55pm

    4 o'Clock Club - Series 2 :
    13. Project Zenith

    Josh sets out defeat Bell's new plan for Elmsbury.

    (Not available)

  20. 2:25pm

    4 o'Clock Club - Series 3 :
    1. Christmas Special

    Mr Bell bans Christmas, but Josh and the 4 O'Clockers make it their mission to play Santa.

    (Not available)

  21. 3:00pm

    Coming Soon

    All At Sea :
    12. Chips

    When Roy comes to stay for a few days, he's concerned Charlie will get him into trouble.

  22. 3:30pm

    The Story of Tracy Beaker :
    The Movie of Me

    On the eve of Tracy's 13th birthday, the doorbell rings and a vision stands before her.

    (Not available)

  23. 4:40pm

    Just Kidding - Series 1 :
    Episode 18

    Kids concoct the most preposterous pranks on unsuspecting adults.

    (Not available)

  24. 5:00pm

    Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom … :
    3. Newton

    Dick and Dom reveal the genius of Sir Isaac Newton.

    (Not available)

  25. 5:30pm

    Blue Peter :
    Blue Peter's Radzi Chinyanganya

    Blue Peter Presenter Radzi Chinyanganya takes viewers behind the scenes.

    (Not available)

  26. 6:00pm

    Wizards vs Aliens - Series 2 Omnib… :
    7. All Out War

    On the eve of war, the Nekross are forced to take terrible action.

    (Not available)

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