CBBC schedule

CBBC schedule

  1. 7:00am

    Arthur - Series 9 :
    15. Flea to Be You and Me

    Pal is itching like crazy and the culprit is Pepe, an Italian circus flea.

    (Not available)

  2. 7:15am

    League of Super Evil - Series 3 :
    1. Voltopia

    The Great Voltar and Dr. Frogg think they've destroyed the whole planet.

    (Not available)

  3. 7:25am

    Pet Squad :
    31. Bunny Boom

    Benny the bunny captures Pet Squad and Mother Goose and pits them against each other.

    (Not available)

  4. 7:40am

    The Scooby Doo Show - Series 1 :
    1. High Rise Hair Raiser

    A gang of safecrackers uses a 'haunted' high-rise building as their base of operations.

    (Not available)

  5. 8:05am

    Total Wipeout - Series 1 :
    Episode 2

    Twenty contestants take on one of television's largest and most extreme obstacle courses. (R)

    (Not available)

  6. 9:00am

    Bear Behaving Badly - Series 2 :
    23. Cavebear

    Nev and Keith discover a 'prehysterical' blue bearasaurus, frozen in time.

    (Not available)

  7. 9:30am

    The Slammer - Series 2 :
    Episode 1

    Overseeing the show is the Governor, who's joined by celebrity guest Lionel Blair.

    (Not available)

  8. 9:55am

    Deadly 60 Bites - Series 2 :
    17. American Crocodile

    Steve Backshall heads into the jungle to search out the best that Costa Rica has to offer.

    (Not available)

  9. 10:00am

    MI High - Series 5 :
    12. Day of the Jacket

    MI9 are on high alert when they learn that an enemy spy has stolen a disguise jacket.

    (Not available)

  10. 10:30am

    HH: Gory Games - Series 2 :
    Episode 3

    It is time for one of Rattus' favourite games - the Middle Ages Pig Piano.

    (Not available)

  11. 11:00am

    Hotel Trubble - Series 3 :
    7. Offensive

    Auntie Phyllis arrives at the hotel at the same time as outrageous pop star Lady Gaahouse.

    (Not available)

  12. 11:30am

    4 o'Clock Club - Series 2 :
    1. New Term

    The dynamic Mr Draper announces that the school is to become an academy.

    (Not available)

  13. 11:55am

    Help! My Supply Teacher Is Magic -… :
    Episode 1

    Katherine teaches one class science they will never forget.

    (Not available)

  14. 12:00pm

    The Dumping Ground - Series 1 :
    Freedom (Episodes 1 and 2)

    The Young People find themselves home alone, in this feature length series opener.

    (Not available)

  15. 12:55pm

    Dance Download - Series 2 :
    Episode 12

    Aidan takes you, Rich and Cel through a routine to Flo Rida's Wild Ones.

    (Not available)

  16. 1:00pm

    Sadie J - Series 2 :
    10. Jazperilliant

    Steve and Keith get sucked into the latest video game.

    (Not available)

  17. 1:25pm

    Blue Peter :
    Blue Peter: Animation and Photography Special

    A special Blue Peter, showing some amazing things you can do with a camera.

    (Not available)

  18. 1:55pm

    Deadly 60 Bites - Series 1 :
    24. Goshawk

    Wildlife presenter Steve Backshall tracks down 60 of the world's deadliest animals.

    (Not available)

  19. 2:00pm

    Help! My Supply Teacher Is Magic -… :
    Episode 12

    Magicians pretend to be supply teachers.

    (Not available)

  20. 2:30pm

    All Over the Place - Series 2 :
    1. Punting, Gold and Raft Racing!

    The team explore an electric mountain in Llanberis and a house full of gadgets in London.

    (Not available)

  21. 3:00pm

    Tracy Beaker Returns - Series 2 :
    1. The Burnywood Menace

    When the Dumping Ground is threatened with closure, Tracy's actions leads to disaster.

    (Not available)

  22. 3:30pm

    Tracy Beaker Returns - Series 2 :
    2. Drained

    Tracy must face the truth: because of her actions, Mike looks certain to be sacked.

    (Not available)

  23. 4:00pm

    The Sarah Jane Adventures - Series… :
    Eye of the Gorgon - Part 1

    Sarah Jane and team encounter the Gorgon, a terrible creature that turns victims to stone.

    (Not available)

  24. 4:25pm

    Deadly 60 Bites - Series 1 :
    12. Yellow-Fin Tuna

    Steve takes to the seas to demonstrate the speed of the mighty tuna.

    (Not available)

  25. 4:30pm

    Hero Squad - Series 1 :
    1. Sea Rescue

    Six children are transformed into Hero Squad cadets in a rigorous training programme.

    (Not available)

  26. 5:00pm

    Deadly 60 - Series 3 :
    25. Endangered

    Steve Backshall examines the increasing pressures threatening animals worldwide.

    (Not available)

  27. 5:30pm

    Bear Behaving Badly - Series 3 :
    1. Robopostie Rampage

    Postie loses her job and is replaced by a robot who causes havoc in the block.

    (Not available)

  28. 5:55pm

    Dani's House - Series 1 :
    5. Sleepover

    Sam sleeps over at Dani's so she can revise for an important exam in peace.

    (Not available)

  29. 6:25pm

    Dennis & Gnasher :
    14. Breakout

    Gnasher and Gnipper are trapped in the dog pound and Dennis must rescue them.

    (Not available)

  30. 6:35pm

    What's New Scooby Doo? - Series 1 :
    6. Riva Ras Regas

    The gang travels to Las Vegas to meet a teen pop singer.

    (Not available)

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