BBC Four schedule

BBC Four schedule

BBC Four
  1. 7:00pm

    World News Today :

    The latest news, exploring the day's events from a global perspective.

    (Not available)

  2. 7:30pm

    Great British Railway Journeys - S… :
    16. London Bridge to Chatham

    Michael Portillo takes a walk through the world's first underwater tunnel at Rotherhithe. (R)

    (Not available)

  3. 8:00pm

    Decisive Weapons - Series 1 :
    5. The Longbow - Wood Against Steel

    How the longbow was a killing machine that could stop an armoured knight in his tracks. (R)

    (Not available)

  4. 8:30pm

    Britain on Film - Series 1 :
    2. Brits at Play

    How Britain's increasingly affluent population took advantage of leisure opportunities. (R)

    (Not available)

  5. 9:00pm

    A Fish Called Wanda :Film :

    Offbeat comedy in which a con artist uses her female charms to steal a stash of jewels. (R)

    (Not available)

    Programme contains Parental Guidance

  6. 10:45pm

    A Very English Winter: The Unthanks :

    Rachel and Becky Unthank explore England's hidden winter customs and dance traditions. (R)

    (Not available)

  7. 11:45pm

    Michael Wood on Beowulf :

    Focusing on Beowulf, historian Michael Wood traces English poetry back to the Dark Ages. (R)

    (Not available)

  8. 12:45am

    Secrets of the Arabian Nights :

    Richard E Grant visits Paris and Cairo to explore the history of the Arabian Nights. (R)

    (Not available)

  9. 1:45am

    Birth of the British Novel :

    How 18th-century novelists such as Defoe and Swift established all our literary genres. (R)

    (Not available)

  10. 2:45am

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Tr… :

    Film using archive footage and interviews to tell the story of the creator of Oz. (R)

    (Not available)

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