BBC ALBA schedule

BBC ALBA schedule

  1. 6:00am

    Seo Alba (This is Alba) :

    Sealladh ùr bho Alba. A new view from Scotland.

    (Not available)

  2. 5:00pm

    Blarag a' Bho :
    A' Coimhead son Dath Phaids / The search for Patch's colour

    Gaelic children's cartoon. Blarag meets a little white dog who is very upset.

    (Not available)

  3. 5:10pm

    Botannan Araid Uilleim - Series 2 :
    10. Uilleam Arsaidh (William the Archaeologist)

    Gaelic children's programme.

    (Not available)

  4. 5:15pm

    Charlie is Lola - Series 1 :
    16. Chan eil mi 'g iarraidh m' fhiacail a chall, idir (I Do Not Ever …

    Lola is horrified because she has her first wobbly tooth ever and doesn't want to lose it.

    (Not available)

  5. 5:23pm

    Bruno :
    17. A' Leum a' Losgainn (Bruno Plays Leapfrog)

    Bruno plays leapfrog with five green frogs.

    (Not available)

  6. 5:25pm

    Seonaidh/Shaun the Sheep - Series 2 :
    3. An Cìobair/The Shepherd

    The farmer takes part in a shepherding competition and is determined to clinch a trophy.

    (Not available)

  7. 5:35pm

    An Rainse/The Ranch :
    2. Cunart, Mistral

    Mistral the stallion is in desperate need of help, but things are not made easy for Lena.

    (Not available)

  8. 6:00pm

    Calum Clachair/Bob the Builder - S… :
    3. Tubaist aig Loch nan Tunnaig (Pilchard in a Pickle)

    Children's animated series.

    (Not available)

  9. 6:10pm

    Abadas - Series 1 :
    12. Computer

    Can Seren find a computer amongst all the electronic devices in the house?

    (Not available)

  10. 6:20pm

    Na Luchagan Fhiacla - Series 1 :
    4. Na Clagan Beaga Liatha (The Little Blue Bells)

    Gaelic children's programme.

    (Not available)

  11. 6:25pm

    Rathad An Sutha :
    An Storaidh aig Eachann an t-Each Aibhne (Eddie's Big Adventure)

    Gaelic cartoon series about a girl who lives next door to a zoo.

    (Not available)

  12. 6:35pm

    Lucas am Bata-teasairginn/Lifeboat… :
    9. Cealgaireachd Chreachadair nan Creag

    Very spooky goings on are reported. Is Lucas brave enough to solve the mystery?

    (Not available)

  13. 6:40pm

    Sgeulaiche :
    1. Turas gu Astràilia (The Australian Holiday)

    The McFinnigan family go on holiday to Australia where a wrong turn leads to adventure!

    (Not available)

  14. 6:45pm

    Monster Buster Club - Monster Bust… :
    18. Campa gun Chiall

    The MBC embarks on an adventure to capture a source of energy - the Mobotto Flower.

    (Not available)

  15. 7:10pm

    Muir is Tir (Natural History) :
    25. Eilean Skokholm

    The nature and wildlife of Britain and Ireland takes a look at Skokholm.

    (Not available)

  16. 7:35pm

    Speaking Our Language - Series 2 :
    Episode 5

    Gaelic for beginners presented by Rhoda MacDonald.

    (Not available)

  17. 8:00pm

    An Là :

    Local, national and international news from BBC ALBA.

    (Not available)

  18. 8:30pm

    Sheinn am Bard :
    2. Mealladh (Deception)

    Exploring themes of deception in Gaelic poetry from the 18th and 19th centuries.

    (Not available)

  19. 9:00pm

    Bho Stalag Gu Gulag/From Stalag to… :

    Norman MacArthur pieces together his grandfather's incredible wartime journey.

    (Not available)

  20. 10:00pm

    Buskers - Series 2 :
    Episode 2

    Featuring Sanjeev Kohli, Vic Galloway and busker Alan Tennie.

    (Not available)

  21. 10:30pm

    Soillse - Series 5 :
    12. Fo Dhubhar Pol Pot/Bare Hands and Wooden Limbs

    The story of a group of landmine survivors who decide to create their own farming village.

    (Not available)

    Programme contains Parental Guidance

  22. 11:25pm

    Eadar Chluich :
    Episode 2

    Dramatic re-telling of Joan Mackenzie's evocative song 'Girl of the Branches'.

    (Not available)

  23. 11:30pm

    Air An Toir :
    6. Seumas Moireasdan

    The life of James Morrison, boatswain's mate on the ill-fated ship The Bounty.

    (Not available)

  24. 12:00am

    Seo Alba (This is Alba) :

    Sealladh ùr bho Alba. A new view from Scotland.

    (Not available)

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