BBC ALBA schedule

BBC ALBA schedule

  1. 6:00am

    Seo Alba (This is Alba) :

    Sealladh ùr bho Alba. A new view from Scotland.

    (Not available)

  2. 5:00pm

    Peppa - Series 2 :
    5. Àm Cadail/Bedtime

    Peppa and George are finishing their supper and don't want to go to bed.

    (Not available)

  3. 5:05pm

    Peppa - Series 2 :
    6. An Rathad Trang/Traffic Jam

    Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig get caught in a very long traffic jam.

    (Not available)

  4. 5:10pm

    Ben am Mathan/The Secret World of … :
    Episode 7

    Tuilleadh spòrs le Ben is Eoin. More fun and games with Ben and Eoin.

    (Not available)

  5. 5:35pm

    Tomas is a Threud :
    Henry Agus am Brat-Chrann (Henry And The Flagpole)

    Salty accidentally runs over the flagpole that Henry was supposed to deliver.

    (Not available)

  6. 5:45pm

    Na Bonnachain - Series 1 :
    25. Colours

    Aodainn Dhathte - Measan ann am mìlsean. Fruit fools are healthy and yummy.

    (Not available)

  7. 5:55pm

    Lucas am Bata-teasairginn/Lifeboat… :
    16. Sgrios nan Seachd Siantan

    A huge storm has been forecast and everyone is doing their bit to protect the town.

    (Not available)

  8. 6:00pm

    Oran le Fiona :
    Episode 21

    Fiona creates a new song with her funny musical friends. Will you sing along too?

    (Not available)

  9. 6:10pm

    An Gruffalo :

    Follow Mouse on his journey through the deep dark wood.

    (Not available)

  10. 6:35pm

    Wallace and Gromit :

    Trouble ensues for Wallace and Gromit thanks to some techno-trousers and a new lodger!

    (Not available)

  11. 7:05pm

    Na Drobhairean :
    Episode 5

    Sreath air na Drobhairean Albannach. The drovers and drove roads of Scotland.

    (Not available)

  12. 7:35pm

    Speaking Our Language - Series 4 :
    Episode 7

    Gaelic for beginners presented by Rhoda MacDonald.

    (Not available)

  13. 8:00pm

    An Là :

    Local, national and international news from BBC ALBA.

    (Not available)

  14. 8:30pm

    Anns a' Gharradh (In the Garden) -… :
    Episode 9

    Eilidh visits a community garden in Inverasdale and Calina helps with a problem pond.

    (Not available)

  15. 9:00pm

    Soillse - Series 4 :
    32. Siùbhlachain Iran/Iran - Last Nomads

    For weeks on end, the Bakhtiari Nomads of Iran trek through the Zagros mountains.

    (Not available)

  16. 9:45pm

    Hebridean Celtic Festival - 2012 :
    6. Mànran

    Mànran make a triumphant return to the main stage at Hebcelt 2012.

    (Not available)

  17. 10:00pm

    Ro Alba/Before Scotland :
    Episode 4

    A series on the pre-history of Scotland. This programme looks at burial places.

    (Not available)

  18. 10:25pm

    Fraochy Bay - Series 4 :
    6. Cuir geall!/Casino capers

    A casino gets built in Fraochy Bay and everyone goes gambling mad.

    (Not available)

  19. 10:30pm

    Tir nan Og :
    13. Seumas MacLetchie

    Celebrity guests are invited to contemplate their personal Tir nan Òg.

    (Not available)

  20. 11:00pm

    Horo Gheallaidh :

    Taghadh den luchd-ciùil as tàlantaich bho fèis. Celtic Connections.

    (Not available)

  21. 11:30pm

    Caileagan an Airm :
    Episode 3

    The TA training is tough. Can Maggie take it, or will she leave the Army?

    (Not available)

  22. 12:00am

    Seo Alba (This is Alba) :

    Sealladh ùr bho Alba. A new view from Scotland.

    (Not available)

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