1. Morning

    1. 07:00
      Series 15: 15. Baseball Blues

      It's Grebelings season and George can't wait to play baseball.

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    2. 07:15
      League of Super Evil
      Series 2: 12. Ant-Archy!

      Voltar's latest scheme, selling sticky shampoo made from syrup and molasses, hits a snag.

    3. 07:25
      Dennis the Menace and Gnasher
      36. Pie Protectors

      A new patisserie opens in Beanotown right opposite Pieface's dad's pie shop.

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    4. 07:40

      Topical news magazine for children.

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    5. 07:45
      All Over the Place
      Australia: Episode 2

      Ed and Naomi race mobile toilets in Winton's Dunny Derby.

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    6. 08:15

      Topical news magazine for children.

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    7. 08:20
      The Next Step
      Series 1: 12. Get It Together

      Michelle secretly choreographs a new routine for regionals.

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    8. 08:45
      Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch
      2. The Movies

      The family visit one of Hollywood's top stunt schools and learn how to make action films.

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    9. 09:00
      Hacker Time
      Series 5: 2. Maggie Aderin-Pocock

      Featuring The Sky at Night and Stargazing presenter Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock.

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    10. 09:30
      Junior MasterChef
      2014: Episode 7

      Six cooks prepare a two-course lunch for the penguin keepers at London Zoo.

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    11. 10:00
      The Next Step
      Series 1: 13. Don't Go Breaking My Heart

      Eldon gets tired of people questioning his relationship with Emily.

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    12. 10:25
      The Dumping Ground
      Series 1: 12. Esme

      An exotic rich girl gives Carmen the chance to run away to Rio with her.

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    13. 10:55
      Series 1: 6. Maddy Cool!

      The power of Maddy's first full transformation still courses through her veins.

    14. 11:25
      Watch live
      Series 1: 7. Dark Moon

      Shannon thinks she can prove Maddy is the beast.

    15. 11:55
      Series 1: 8. Wolfsbane

      Maddy fails to control her inner wolf at a sleepover.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 12:20
      Series 1: 9. A Quiet Night In

      Rhydian gets swayed by the lure of stolen goods.

    2. 12:50
      Series 1: 10. The Call of the Wild

      Rhydian's past catches up with him and he has a big decision to make.

    3. 13:20
      The Dumping Ground
      Series 3: 7. Fake it to Make It

      Carmen gets a chance to be a TV presenter and impress a celebrity.

    4. 13:50
      Deadly 60 Bites
      Series 1: 15. Sloth Bear

      In India, a squabble over food shows Steve just how unpredictable the sloth bear can be.

    5. 13:55
      Naomi's Nightmares of Nature
      Series 2: 2. South Africa

      Naomi Wilkinson travels across South Africa in search of her deadly nightmares of nature.

    6. 14:25
      Junior MasterChef
      2014: Episode 7

      Six cooks prepare a two-course lunch for the penguin keepers at London Zoo.

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    7. 14:55
      Shaun the Sheep
      Series 1: 23. Hiccups

      Shirley drinks Bitzer's fizzy pop and gets a nasty case of hiccups.

    8. 15:00
      Shaun the Sheep
      Series 1: 24. Wash Day

      Animated double bill. Shaun gets the Farmer's washing filthy.

    9. 15:10
      17. The Henchman Challenge

      Eric competes against the evil Henchmen to try to win the Henchman Challenge.

    10. 15:20
      Endangered Species
      12. Gull Proof

      Merl tries to make the stump safe for clumsy Gull but his efforts make it more hazardous.

    11. 15:35
      Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated
      Series 2: 12. Scarebear

      The mayor enlists the Mystery Inc gang to investigate the mystery of a mutant bear.

    12. 16:00
      The Next Step
      Series 2: 17. Game On

      Emily puts herself on the line to save her team.

    13. 16:20

      Topical news magazine for children.

    14. 16:30
      Dani's Castle
      Series 3: 4. That Sinking Feeling

      Jimmy gets an audition for one of the biggest shows on TV.

    15. 17:00
      4 O'Clock Files
      1. Teamwork

      Mr Bell has the task of filming a video prospectus for Elmsmere.

    16. 17:30
      My Team: The Cheerleaders
      Episode 3

      The cheerleaders work on their championship-winning acrobatic pyramid moves.

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  3. Evening

    1. 18:00
      Defenders of Berk: 11. View to a Skrill, Part 2

      Tuffnut goes undercover to help the gang rescue a skrill captured by the Berserkers.

    2. 18:25
      83. Blast Off!

      A group of bees search for somewhere peaceful to live.

    3. 18:30
      Series 4: 12. What Scared Sue Ellen/Clarissa Is Cracked

      Sue Ellen encounters a creepy howling noise in the woods, and Grandma lends DW a doll.