1. Morning

    1. 07:00
      Series 14: 12. All the Rage

      Muffy wants to rock the fashion world, but creating a fad is a lot harder than it looks.

    2. 07:10
      Scream Street
      6. Zoo of the Weird

      Zoo owner Carla Black comes to Scream Street to catch specimens.

    3. 07:25
      Strange Hill High
      Series 2: 6. Crushing Embarrassment

      The embarrassment caused by Mitchell's pranks makes something stir beneath the school.

    4. 07:45
      3. Gone Gaga

      Eric's new super-goggles make everybody fall in love with him.

    5. 07:55
      Diddy TV
      Series 1: 3. Angel

      Diddy Stampy Longnose turns up to watch the programmes.

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    6. 08:10
      Series 3: Episode 34

      The young vloggers give the low down on EVE, The Dengineers and brand new The Worst Witch.

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    7. 08:30
      All Over the Place
      Asia: 1. Rollercoasters, Great Walls and Tiger Festivals

      Ed Petrie and friends visit Osaka, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Kerala and more.

      • HD
    8. 09:00
      Blue Peter
      The Vamps and a Brand New Competition!

      The team unveil a new purple badge which is awarded for reviewing the show.

      • HD
    9. 09:30
      Absolute Genius Super Tech with Dick & Dom
      1. Space Tech

      Dick and Dom reveal three geniuses whose tech-tastic ideas have pioneered space travel.

    10. 10:00

      Topical news magazine for children.

    11. 10:05
      The Worst Witch
      Episode 3

      Mildred learns that having a scaredy cat makes life at witching school tough.

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    12. 10:35
      Operation Ouch! Hospital Takeover
      8. Big Burps!

      The doctors find out why we burp and film Dr Xand burping from the inside.

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    13. 11:05
      The Next Step
      Series 4: 16. Love Will Tear Us Apart

      The Zero Percent Club attempts to solve the drama between Amy and Sloane.

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    14. 11:30
      The Next Step
      Series 4: 17. Nobody's Fault But Mine

      Riley considers pulling the team from the second regionals qualifier.

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    15. 11:50
      Worst Year of My Life... Again
      Episode 10

      Alex creates a cool costume to wear to Nicola's Halloween celebrations.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 12:15

      Topical news magazine for children.

    2. 12:25
      4 O'Clock Files
      3. Rules

      Mr Bell talks about school discipline.

    3. 12:50
      The Dengineers
      Series 2: 3. Gingerbread Den

      The Dengineers build ten-year-old Carrie a gingerbread house den.

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    4. 13:20
      Art Ninja
      Series 3: 1. Day of the Animals

      Gavin can't find the right animal costume to run the local marathon.

      • HD
    5. 13:50
      Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch
      Series 2: 15. The Holiday Finale

      Matilda and her family have got one final adventure in front of them.

    6. 14:05

      Topical news magazine for children.

    7. 14:15
      My Life
      Series 7: 12. What Makes Me Tic

      Documentary about Grace, Rupert and Connor, who all have Tourette's Syndrome.

    8. 14:40
      Our School
      Series 2: 1. New Starts

      Newly arrived Eesa tries to settle in, despite not speaking a word of English.

    9. 15:10
      Our School
      Series 2: 2. On the Ball

      The Year 7 girls form their own football team, and the hunt is on for a captain.

    10. 15:40
      Our School
      Series 2: 3. Getting Ahead

      Taylor Jay and Charlie investigate what the headteacher does for the school website.

    11. 16:10
      Our School
      Series 2: 4. Find Your Focus

      How can Izaak learn to cope better with his emotions and settle down?

    12. 16:35
      Our School
      Series 2: 5. Change Your Ways

      Thomas and Vanessa attempt to go from being on report to back on task.

    13. 17:05
      Our School
      Series 2: 6. Going Forward, Stepping Back

      Year 7 find out just how strict school used to be in Victorian times.

    14. 17:35
      Our School
      Series 2: 7. You've Got a Friend

      Lucy attempts to help her best friend settle down and apply himself.

  3. Evening

    1. 18:05
      The Next Step
      Series 4: 13. The Game Belongs to Me

      Michelle and Piper go head to head to compete at the qualifier.

      • HD
    2. 18:30
      The Dumping Ground
      Series 4: 19. One For Sorrow

      Things start disappearing on Carmen and Tee's last day at the Dumping Ground.

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    3. 19:00
      Millie Inbetween
      Series 3: 7. Millie in the Mirror

      Millie helps Craig get his self-confidence back - but what can she do about her own?

      • HD
    4. 19:30
      Series 3: 10. Goodbye Forever, Again - Part Two

      Eve tries to prevent a war between humans and robots.

      • HD
    5. 20:00
      Naomi's Nightmares of Nature
      Series 4: 11. Vancouver Voyages

      Naomi has a heartstopping encounter with an ocean giant on the west coast of Canada.

    6. 20:30
      Officially Amazing
      Series 1: Episode 3

      In Japan, Haruka meets a man who wants to be a monkey.