1. Morning

    1. 07:00
      Series 15: 21. Show Off

      Killer faces off against a snooty, championship-winning poodle.

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    2. 07:15
      League of Super Evil
      Series 2: 18. Force Fighters VI

      Red Menace is forced to get a part-time job with the Force Fighters to earn some cash.

    3. 07:25
      Dennis the Menace and Gnasher
      44. The Waterslide

      It is a boiling hot day and Dennis and co attempt to find a swimming pool.

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    4. 07:40

      Topical news magazine for children.

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    5. 07:45
      All Over the Place
      Australia: Episode 8

      Ed and Johny compete to see who'll be the best Aussie cowboy.

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    6. 08:15

      Topical news magazine for children.

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    7. 08:20
      The Next Step
      Series 1: 18. Brand New

      Riley offers to help James learn the routine he has been missing.

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    8. 08:45
      Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch
      8. The Sleepover

      Matilda tries to banish the boys and have a girls-only sleepover.

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    9. 09:00
      Hacker Time
      Series 5: 8. Tim Warwood

      Featuring CBBC's Tim Warwood as Hacker's special guest.

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    10. 09:30
      Marrying Mum and Dad
      Series 4: 3. Prehistoric

      Elle and her best friends plot a prank-filled prehistoric wedding.

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    11. 10:00
      The Next Step
      Series 1: 19. First Date

      James returns to A-Troupe and holds Riley to her promise of a date with him.

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    12. 10:25
      The Dumping Ground
      Series 2: 5. Finding Frank

      Frank finds himself in need of help.

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    13. 10:55
      So Awkward
      7. Library vs Tree

      Jas learns her favourite tree will be cut down to make way for the new school library.

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    14. 11:25
      Worst Year of My Life... Again
      Episode 5

      Alex and his sister Sam are left home alone for the night.

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    15. 11:50
      Watch live
      So Awkward
      8. Space Over

      Lily is upset to discover that Matt is going out with cool girl Greta Masters.

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  2. Afternoon

    1. 12:20
      Worst Year of My Life... Again
      Episode 6

      Mr Norris causes Alex to become the most unpopular person in class.

    2. 12:45
      So Awkward
      9. Fitzgerald vs Fitzgerald

      Martha sets out to prove that she has what it takes to become a human rights lawyer.

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    3. 13:15
      The Dumping Ground
      Series 1: 2. Liberty in the DG

      Still home alone, the young people go hungry, having spent all the money.

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    4. 13:45
      Wolfblood Uncovered
      3. Intelligence

      Bobby explores wolf brain power.

    5. 13:55
      Naomi's Nightmares of Nature
      Series 2: 8. Belize Temple

      Naomi Wilkinson investigates the jungles and ancient temples of tropical Belize.

    6. 14:25
      Hero Squad
      Series 2: 3. Quicksand Rescue

      The Hero Squad cadets are in Morecambe Bay where they must navigate sinking sand.

    7. 14:55
      Shaun the Sheep
      Series 1: 35. Tidy Up

      The Farmer tells sheepdog Bitzer to clean up the sheep's field and Bitzer soon regrets it.

    8. 15:00
      Shaun the Sheep
      Series 1: 36. Visitor

      When a spacecraft crash-lands on the farm, Shaun and company help it get airborne again.

    9. 15:10
      23. Eric Squared

      Eric and Trevor must fight their evil twins when they travel to another dimension.

    10. 15:20
      Endangered Species
      18. Innards Space

      When Gull swallows the TV remote, Merl and Pickle pilot a shrunken sub into his insides.

    11. 15:35
      Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated
      Series 2: 18. Dance of the Undead

      A zombie ska band is haunting Crystal Cove.

    12. 16:00
      The Next Step
      Series 2: 23. Better Than This

      Michelle searches for something she loves as much as dance and joins the debate team.

    13. 16:20

      Topical news magazine for children.

    14. 16:30

      Tyler is at Twickenham as the countdown to the Rugby Union World Cup hots up.

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    15. 16:50
      Nine Minute Ninja
      7. Soggy Ninja Skills

      Ricky demonstrates how to draw a mermaid underwater and animates a high-diving digestive.

    16. 17:00
      CineMinis: A CINEMANIACS Short
      Episode 4

      A team of young film-makers get a super-sized, palatial location to make their spy movie.

    17. 17:20
      Officially Amazing
      Series 3: Episode 6

      Al is in California to witness Norman the wonder dog riding a scooter.

    18. 17:50
      Series 1: Episode 4

      Pencil takes his escape from Zip Face to new heights.

  3. Evening

    1. 18:05
      Defenders of Berk: 17. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

      A rogue species of dragon terrorizes Berk by stealing all of the metal in town.

    2. 18:27
      Episode 15

      Morph and Chas are messing around with turntables.

    3. 18:30
      Series 5: 2. Hide and Snake/Muffy's Best Friend

      The gang capture a snake, and Muffy interviews for a new best friend.