1. Morning

    1. 07:00
      Series 14: 28. The Long Road Home

      George wants to walk from Crown City to Elwood City to raise money for autism research.

    2. 07:10
      Dennis the Menace
      Series 2: 52. Tank You Very Much

      The Colonel has a new tank called Monty, and Dennis is determined to ride in it.

    3. 07:25
      League of Super Evil
      Series 3: 5. Spaaaace Bugs

      Voltar claims Skullossus's space station as his own by having Lose pose as exterminators.

    4. 07:35
      Funsize: Episode 5

      Stunt Tomato amazes the judges with a death-defying magic trick.

    5. 07:45
      MOTD Kickabout

      More goals, gossip, stats and skills from the nation's favourite sport.

    6. 08:00
      Series 1: Episode 24

      Gildar becomes fed up with the Attackers' finish-platform dances at the end of the moat.

    7. 08:25
      The Dengineers
      1. Survival Den

      The Dengineers build 11-year-old Ben a camouflaged adventure bunker.

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    8. 08:55

      Topical news magazine for children.

    9. 09:00
      Art Ninja
      Series 2: 2. Day of the Game

      Ricky's latest art creations is a catapult inspired by da Vinci.

    10. 09:35
      Sam & Mark's Weekend Wind-Down
      4. Coronation Street

      Coronation Street's Jennie McAlpine and Ted Robbins take part in challenges.

    11. 09:50
      The Dog Ate My Homework
      Series 3: Episode 4

      The team captains are joined by Dominique Moore, Susan Calman and others.

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    12. 10:20
      Series 2: Episode 37

      Vloggers Laura and Myles deliver their verdict on The Dengineers and Class Dismissed.

    13. 10:40
      The Next Step
      Series 1: 9. Video Killed the Radio Star

      The A-Troupe is selected to perform in a music video for the band Brighter Brightest.

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    14. 11:00
      7. Cyberbullying

      The team talk about cyberbullying - what it is and how it happens.

    15. 11:10
      The Dumping Ground
      Series 4: 2. Bear-Faced Liar

      Bailey has to break some bad news to his mum - but what is she hiding from him?

    16. 11:35
      Series 2: 4. Party Girl

      Eve becomes obsessed with the idea of canoeing on a lake.

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  2. Afternoon

    1. 12:05

      Topical news magazine for children.

    2. 12:15
      Strange Hill High
      Series 2: 13. A Strange Hill Christmas

      Mitchell accidentally traps everyone in the school.

    3. 12:35
      Scream Street
      12. Zombie Derby

      Luke teams up with Resus's dad and Resus with Luke's mum for Screan Street's go-kart race.

    4. 12:50
      Millie Inbetween
      Series 2: 8. Meatballs

      It's parents' evening, but Millie wants to prevent Mum and Dad seeing her English teacher.

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    5. 13:10
      The Muckers
      3. Tractors

      The Muckers just love tractors and so they celebrate this with a rap about them.

    6. 13:15
      Operation Ouch!
      Series 4: Episode 2

      Dr Chris and Dr Xand reveal where your blood comes from.

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    7. 13:45

      Topical news magazine for children.

    8. 13:50
      Our School
      Series 2: 4. Find Your Focus

      How can Izaak learn to cope better with his emotions and settle down?

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    9. 14:20
      My Life
      Series 2: 5. Staying Awake

      Harry, Kailan and Luke all have narcolepsy and struggle to stay awake.

    10. 14:50
      Deadly 60 Bites
      Series 1: 24. Goshawk

      Steve Backshall gets to feel first-hand what it is like to be hunted by a goshawk.

    11. 14:55
      Series 4: 9. And the Winner Is

      Roy wins a dinner date with Hollywood Vampire actor and hunk Zach Morgan.

    12. 15:25
      Series 4: 10. The Fright of a Lifetime

      Roy and Becky want to stop Bill and Maura's embarrassing obsession with Halloween.

    13. 15:55
      Series 4: 11. Roy Junior

      Roy and his classmates have to look after eggs for a school project.

    14. 16:25
      Series 4: 12. Buddy

      Roy's imaginary friend Buddy comes back into his life after an absence of seven years.

    15. 16:50
      Series 4: 13. Roy, Roy, CGI Boy

      A freak occurrence gives Roy the possibility of becoming a CGI cartoon.

    16. 17:20
      Got What It Takes?
      Episode 5

      The mums battle it out for the final space in the sing-off.

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    17. 17:55
      Sam & Mark's Big Friday Wind Up
      Series 5: 5. Coronation Street

      Two surprise Coronation Street stars join in the fun.

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