1. Morning

    1. 06:10
      The Crimson Wing

      A look at the crimson-winged flamingos coming to Lake Natron in Tanzania every year.

    2. 07:20
      Sword of Sherwood Forest

      Robin Hood and his merry men must foil a plot to assassinate the archbishop of Canterbury.

    3. 08:40
      Fred Dibnah's Magnificent Monuments
      6. Pleasure Palaces

      Looking at structures that have been built for arts, leisure and entertainment purposes.

    4. 09:10
      The Nature of Britain
      7. Wilderness Britain

      Alan Titchmarsh explores Wilderness Britain, realm of the magnificent golden eagle.

    5. 10:00
      Watch live
      Snooker: World Championship
      2015: Saturday, 2nd Round, Morning

      Jason Mohammad introduces live second-round action.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 12:00
      Talking Pictures
      Series 2: 8. Richard Harris

      A retrospective look at television appearances made over the years by Richard Harris.

    2. 12:35
      The Long and the Short and the Tall

      A British patrol in the Burmese jungle fall out when they capture a Japanese soldier.

    3. 14:15
      Flog It!
      Series 11: 12. Cheshire

      Paul Martin is joined by Mark Stacey, Anita Manning and David Fletcher at Tatton Park.

    4. 15:00
      Final Score

      Including Liverpool's trip to West Brom, Burnley at home to Leicester and QPR v West Ham.

    5. 16:30
      Snooker: World Championship
      2015: Saturday, 2nd Round, Afternoon, Part 2

      Hazel Irvine introduces continued coverage of second-round action from Sheffield.

    6. 17:30
      World War One Remembered: Gallipoli
      2. Highlights

      Her Majesty the Queen leads tributes in a service to commemorate the Battle of Gallipoli.

  3. Evening

    1. 18:30
      Gardeners' World
      2015: Episode 8

      Everything in the garden is shooting up, so it's time to lift and divide perennials.

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    2. 19:00
      Snooker: World Championship
      2015: Saturday, 2nd Round, Evening

      Another quarter-final spot will be filled on day eight of the World Championship.

    3. 20:00
      Dad's Army
      Series 9: 5. Number Engaged

      Mainwaring's motley crew is put in charge of a vital telephone line.

    4. 20:30
      Gallipoli: When Murdoch Went to War

      The story of the British-led Gallipoli military campaign from Keith Murdoch's perspective.

    5. 21:30
      QI XL
      Series K: 1. Knees & Knockers

      Stephen Fry and guests look at knees, knockers and other things starting with 'K'.

    6. 22:15
      Up in the Air

      Comedy drama about a solitary man who makes a living firing people for corporate clients.

  4. Late

    1. 00:00
      Snooker: World Championship Highlights
      2015: Day 8

      Jason Mohammad introduces second-round highlights from Sheffield.

    2. 00:50
      Snooker: World Championship
      2015: Day 8, Extra

      Jason Mohammad introduces highlights from the day's second-round best-of-25 frame matches.

    3. 02:50
      Antiques Roadshow
      Series 37: 16. Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral 2

      Treasures include a miniature piano with a secret and a sketch by LS Lowry.

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    4. 03:50
      The Truth About...
      3. Fat

      Dr Saleyha Ahsan cuts through the confusion and reveals the surprising science of fat.

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