1. Morning

    1. 06:15
      Sons of the Musketeers

      The children of D'Artagnan, Porthos, Aramis and Athos attempt to save the French throne.

    2. 07:30
      The Quick Gun

      A man is caught by a gang who are planning on robbing the bank in his hometown.

    3. 09:00
      The Private Life of Plants
      3. Flowering

      David Attenborough reveals how flowers use colours and perfumes for procreation purposes.

    4. 09:50
      Watch live
      The Private Life of Plants
      4. The Social Struggle

      Looking at the extraordinary battles for survival that are fought in the plant world.

    5. 10:40
      The Private Life of Plants
      5. Living Together

      David Attenborough looks at the battle for survival in the plant world.

    6. 11:30
      Map Man
      Series 2: 7. Mrs P's A-Z

      Nicholas Crane follows the trail of Mrs Phyllis Pearsall, who created the London A-Z.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 12:00
      The Little Paris Kitchen: Cooking with Rachel Khoo
      Episode 4

      Rachel is treated to succulent scallops in mustard-mayonnaise by the seaside in Trouville.

    2. 12:30
      Puttin' on the Ritz: The Genius of Fred Astaire

      A short compilation of clips from Fred Astaire's days at the RKO studio.

    3. 12:45
      That's Entertainment, Part 2

      Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire introduce a variety of clips from Hollywood's golden days.

    4. 14:45
      Show Boat

      Magnolia Hawks finds herself falling in love with a charming gambler.

    5. 16:30
      Series 7: 2. Life Beyond the Edge

      Nick Crane joins the locals on the Isles of Scilly as they wade from island to island.

    6. 17:30
      Flog It!
      Series 9 Reversions: 23. Lissanoure Castle

      A couple of Moorcroft pieces get expert Catherine Southon excited.

  3. Evening

    1. 18:30
      Gardeners' World
      2014: Episode 31

      Monty Don prepares his garden for winter and takes stock of his year at Longmeadow.

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    2. 19:00
      Restoring England's Heritage

      Tom Holland visits three important historical sites fighting for survival.

    3. 19:30
      The Greatest Knight: William the Marshal

      The fascinating story of knighthood, told through the life of Sir William Marshal.

    4. 20:30
      Dad's Army
      Series 6: 1. The Deadly Attachment

      Captain Mainwaring and his platoon are instructed to guard a captive U-boat crew.

    5. 21:00
      Frankenstein and the Vampyre: A Dark and Stormy Night

      Dramatised documentary exploring one of the most significant moments in gothic history.

    6. 22:00
      Formula 1
      2014: The US Grand Prix - Qualifying Highlights

      Suzi Perry introduces highlights of qualifying for the US Grand Prix.

    7. 23:15
      QI XL
      Series L: 5. Lenses

      Stephen Fry considers lenses, lungs, legs and other parts of the body beginning with L.

  4. Late

    1. 00:00
      Halloween Special

      Steve Wright pops out from behind the cellar door for the spookiest TOTP clips ever.

    2. 01:00

      A worker in a nuclear plant finds her life in danger when she discovers a safety breach.

    3. 04:30
      Rugby League: Four Nations
      2014: Australia v England

      Steve McNamara's England take on world champions Australia in Melbourne.