1. Morning

    1. 06:30
      Big Dreams Small Spaces
      Episode 1

      A couple battle to turn a clay-clogged building site in Sussex into a piece of Portugal.

    2. 07:30

      Countryfile is in Dorset. Matt Baker explores a woodland architecture school.

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    3. 08:30
      An Island Parish
      Series 10 - Falklands: 3. A New Era...

      The Texans come to town to update the islanders on the oil exploration going on offshore.

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    4. 09:00
      Saturday Kitchen Best Bites

      James Martin presents a compilation of favourite Saturday Kitchen moments.

    5. 10:30
      Simply Nigella
      Episode 4

      Nigella bakes cheering chai muffins - light, luscious and dairy-free.

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    6. 11:00
      My Life on a Plate
      14. Michael Buerk

      Michael Buerk looks back on the food of his youth in Solihull and Hereford.

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    7. 11:50
      Davis Cup
      2015: Final - Belgium v Great Britain Day 3

      Sue Barker presents live coverage of the third and final day of the 2015 Davis Cup final.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 15:15
      Women's Football
      2015: England v Bosnia and Herzegovina

      Coverage of women's football as England takes on Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    2. 17:30
      UK Snooker Championship
      2015: Second Round - Part 2

      Second-round action continues at York's Barbican Centre.

  3. Evening

    1. 19:00
      Robert Peston Goes Shopping
      3. Revolution

      Robert Peston sees how the high street is coping with online shopping and the recession.

    2. 20:00
      Ireland with Simon Reeve
      Episode 2

      Simon travels from the Giant's Causeway to the stunning Wicklow Mountains.

    3. 21:00
      The Secret History of the British Garden
      3. The 19th Century

      Monty Don explores the transformations that occurred throughout the 19th century.

    4. 22:00
      The Cider House Rules

      Wartime drama. A young man is taught medicine by the doctor at an orphanage.

  4. Late

    1. 00:00
      UK Snooker Championship Highlights
      2015: 30/11/2015

      Hazel Irvine introduces highlights from Sunday's second-round matches.

    2. 00:50
      UK Snooker Championship Extra
      2015: 30/11/2015

      Hazel Irvine presents highlights from the UK Championship.

    3. 02:50

      Countryfile is in Dorset. Matt Baker explores a woodland architecture school.

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    4. 03:45
      Holby City
      Series 18: 7. A Delicate Truth

      Jac Naylor is back on Darwin and Ollie is intent on not letting her belittle him.

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