1. Morning

    1. 06:00
      Homes Under the Hammer
      Series 13: Episode 82

      Martin and Lucy visit properties in Cornwall, Hampshire and Kent.

    2. 07:00
      Channel Patrol
      Series 2: Episode 6

      Pets get caught up in the half-term rush across the Channel.

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    3. 07:45
      Cowboys and Angels
      Episode 11

      Plumber Peter and roofer Jason search high and low to try to find the cause of a leak.

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    4. 08:15
      Series 2: Episode 1

      The team meet a woman obsessed with the royal family.

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    5. 09:15
      Super League Show
      2015: Episode 12

      Leeds v Warrington, St Helens v Widnes, Wigan v Wakefield and Hull FC v Huddersfield.

    6. 10:00
      Snooker: World Championship
      2015: Tuesday, Quarter-Finals, Morning

      It is quarter-finals day at the Crucible as the tournament enters its 11th day.

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  2. Afternoon

    1. 12:00
      Daily Politics

      Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn with the latest election news, interviews and debate.

    2. 13:00
      Snooker: World Championship
      2015: Tuesday, Quarter-Finals, Afternoon, Part 1

      Hazel Irvine introduces quarter-final action from Sheffield.

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    3. 14:00
      Daily Politics
      2015 Election Debates: Defence and Security

      Andrew Neil and Mark Urban debate the size and role of the UK's armed forces.

    4. 15:00
      Watch live
      Snooker: World Championship
      2015: Tuesday, Quarter-Finals, Afternoon, Part 2

      Hazel Irvine introduces as the second two quarter-finals get under way.

    5. 17:55
      Party Election Broadcasts: Labour
      General Election 2015: 28/04/2015

      A party election broadcast by the Labour Party for the general election on 7 May.

  3. Evening

    1. 18:00
      Series 11: Episode 151

      Quiz featuring the country's top quiz champions.

    2. 18:30
      Snooker: World Championship
      2015: Tuesday, Quarter-Finals, Evening

      Jason Mohammad presents live coverage from the quarter-finals.

    3. 19:55
      DEC Nepal Earthquake Appeal

      A Nepal Earthquake Appeal on behalf of the DEC, the Disasters Emergency Committee.

    4. 20:00
      Alex Polizzi: Chefs on Trial
      6. Miners Arms Heat 2

      21-year-old Joshua is pitted against 48-year-old events chef Leslie.

    5. 21:00
      1. The Home Front

      One time of year always pushes the entire waste industry to breaking point - Christmas.

    6. 22:00
      Later... with Jools Holland
      Series 46 Live: Episode 3

      Featuring performances by Florence and the Machine, the Charlatans and Andreya Triana.

    7. 22:30

      With Evan Davis.

    8. 23:20
      Newsbeat: The Election Debates
      3. Living, Working, Housing

      Tina Daheley and Chris Smith are with young voters in Edinburgh to discuss jobs.

  4. Late

    1. 00:20
      Snooker: World Championship Highlights
      2015: Day 11

      Highlights from the quarter-finals are introduced by Jason Mohammad in Sheffield.

    2. 01:10
      Snooker: World Championship
      2015: Day 11, Extra

      Jason Mohammad introduces extended highlights from the afternoon's quarter-finals.

    3. 03:10
      Rip Off Britain: Food
      Series 2: Episode 2

      The team look at where some of our food comes from and how it's described.

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    4. 04:00
      Making Art Work: First Idea to Final Piece

      Short films following six UK-based artists as they create new artwork from scratch.

    5. 05:00
      Your Paintings
      Episode 1

      Looking at Henri Rousseau, LS Lowry, Andy Warhol, Paula Rego and Joseph Wright of Derby.

    6. 05:30
      Your Paintings
      Episode 2

      Featuring Wassily Kandinsky, Jan van Eyck, Eileen Agar and Yinka Shonibare.