1. Morning

    1. 06:00
      Cowboys and Angels
      Episode 8

      Tommy travels to Huddersfield to meet Alex, who paid nearly £40,000 to extend his home.

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    2. 06:30
      Claimed and Shamed
      Series 7: Episode 7

      Social media is the undoing of a group who crash their cars to get an insurance payout.

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    3. 07:15
      Money for Nothing
      Series 2: Episode 17

      Designer Daniel Heath and upcycler Guy Trench help out Sarah Moore in Altrincham.

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    4. 08:00
      Great British Menu
      Series 11: 7. South West Fish

      Chef Jude is using lobster from his Cornwall home in his fish dish.

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    5. 08:30
      Great British Menu
      Series 11: 8. South West Main

      It is the main course and chef Chris Wheeler is out to show just how theatrical he can be.

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    6. 09:00
      Watch live
      Victoria Derbyshire

      Original stories, exclusive interviews, audience debate and breaking news.

    7. 11:00
      BBC Newsroom Live

      Stay up to date on the day's top stories, with the latest breaking news as it happens.

    8. 11:30
      Daily Politics

      Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn present live coverage of Prime Minister's Questions.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 13:00
      The Edge
      Series 1: Episode 25

      Four contestants battle it out for the chance to roll down the cash lanes.

    2. 13:45
      Series 8: 1. Pigs Might Fly

      Spike falls in love with Gladys.

    3. 14:15
      Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em
      Series 1: 5. The Hospital Visit

      Frank causes chaos when he visits Betty in hospital.

    4. 14:45
      Open All Hours
      Series 1: 3. A Nice Cosy Little Disease

      Arkwright needs an ailment to get the attention of Nurse Gladys.

    5. 15:15
      The House That £100k Built
      Series 2: 3. Andrew and Claire

      Andrew and Claire have gambled everything on a fledgling free-range egg farm.

    6. 16:15
      Wild China
      3. Tibet

      A look at the vast Tibetan plateau, one of the world's most remote places.

    7. 17:15
      Antiques Road Trip
      Series 11: Episode 18

      Philip Serrell and Natasha Raskin shop in Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

  3. Evening

    1. 18:00
      Series 18: Episode 19

      Jeremy Vine hosts a general knowledge quiz featuring the UK's top quiz champions.

    2. 18:30
      Strictly - It Takes Two
      Series 14: Episode 23

      Zoe Ball provides news and gossip from the world of Strictly.

    3. 19:00
      Great British Menu
      Series 11: Finals Main

      It is day three at the national finals and time for the main course.

    4. 20:00
      The Great Guide: 6. Scotland's Western Isles

      Neil and Tessa present their insiders' guide to the Western Isles.

    5. 21:00
      2016: Episode 3

      Martin Hughes-Games goes on a live sound safari.

    6. 22:00
      The Premier League Show

      Featuring in-depth interviews with the biggest Premier League stars.

    7. 22:30

      With Evan Davis.

    8. 23:15
      No Such Thing as the News
      Series 2: Episode 3

      Current affairs made interesting and funny by some cheerful people.

    9. 23:45
      Hunting the Nazi Gold Train

      Dan Snow leads an investigation into the hunt for a buried Nazi gold train.

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  4. Late

    1. 00:45
      Britain's Secrets with Anne Robinson
      2. Pet Secrets

      Anne Robinson reveals just how eccentric some people are when it comes to their pets.

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    2. 01:45
      Episode 2

      The allocators are forced to prioritise patients with over 125 waiting for assistance.

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