1. Morning

    1. 06:05
      Homes Under the Hammer
      Series 14: Episode 1

      Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander visit properties in Croydon, Lanarkshire and Dorset.

    2. 07:05

      A woman returns to her occupied homeland to spy for the Special Operations Executive.

    3. 09:00
      Victoria Derbyshire

      Victoria Derbyshire is in Sheffield for an audience debate on immigration.

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    4. 11:00
      BBC News

      The latest national and international news, plus top interviews and analysis.

    5. 11:30
      BBC World News

      The latest international news from the BBC.

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  2. Afternoon

    1. 12:00
      Daily Politics

      Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn with election news, interviews and debate. With Jeremy Vine.

    2. 13:00
      How We Won the War
      1. Northern Ireland

      Jules Hudson discovers how the people of Belfast survived one of the worst Blitz attacks.

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    3. 13:30
      How We Won the War
      2. Scotland

      Jules Hudson travels to Scotland, where he gets to grips with rationing.

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    4. 14:00
      Snooker: World Championship
      2015: Monday, Final, Afternoon

      The third session of the 2015 final between Shaun Murphy and Stuart Bingham in Sheffield.

    5. 16:45
      Series 5 Reversions: 25. Crinan and Caledonian Canals

      How the Crinan Canal cut journey times for boats travelling up the West Coast of Scotland.

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    6. 17:00
      Hairy Bikers' Best of British
      Series 2: 2. Fish

      The Bikers brave the high seas to celebrate Britain's incredible fishing industry.

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  3. Evening

    1. 18:00
      Party Election Broadcasts: Labour
      General Election 2015: 04/05/2015

      A party election broadcast by the Labour Party for the general election on 7 May.

    2. 18:05
      Antiques Roadshow
      Series 32: 23. Hopetoun

      Fiona Bruce and the team greet over four thousand visitors at Hopetoun House in Scotland.

    3. 18:30
      Series 11: Episode 155

      Quiz featuring the country's top quiz champions.

    4. 19:00
      Watch live
      Snooker: World Championship
      2015: Monday, Final, Evening

      The season reaches its climax with Shaun Murphy or Stuart Bingham becoming world champion.

    5. 23:00
      1. The Home Front

      One time of year always pushes the entire waste industry to breaking point - Christmas.

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  4. Late

    1. 00:00
      Back in Time for Dinner
      5. 1990s

      Giles Coren and Polly Russell introduce the family to the culinary treats of the 90s.

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    2. 01:00
      The Truth About...
      4. Your Medicine Cabinet

      Dr Chris Van Tulleken seeks out the truth about over-the-counter medicines.

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    3. 02:00
      Channel Patrol
      Series 2: Episode 1

      A giant car carrier is grounded on a sandbank in the Solent.

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    4. 04:00
      Michael Mosley: Infested! Living with Parasites

      Dr Michael Mosley explores the bizarre and fascinating world of parasites.

    5. 04:30
      Rock Pool Survivors

      Professor Richard Fortey reveals the secrets of the intriguing world of rock pools.

    6. 05:00
      Gastro Lab

      Stars reveal the foods that keep them at the top of their profession.

    7. 05:30
      The Secret Life of Our Favourite Dishes

      Stefan Gates uncovers the secrets behind some of our most well-loved dishes.