1. Morning

    1. 06:00
      The TV That Made Me
      Series 1 (Reversions): 5. Linford Christie

      Linford Christie takes a look at the TV that helped set him on the path to Olympic success

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    2. 06:30
      A&E on the Road
      Series 1: Episode 2

      Ste Hill is at the scene of an accident where a motorcyclist has come off the road.

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    3. 07:15
      Bargain Hunt
      Series 41: 29. Peterborough 31

      Tim Wonnacott is in Peterborough with experts Christina Trevanion and Thomas Plant.

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    4. 08:00
      Gardeners' World
      2017: Episode 13

      Gardeners' World celebrates its 50th anniversary with an hour of gardening from the NEC.

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    5. 09:00
      Victoria Derbyshire

      Victoria is in North Kensington with Grenfell Tower survivors and residents.

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    6. 11:00
      BBC Newsroom Live

      Stay up to date on the day's top stories, with the latest breaking news as it happens.

    7. 11:30
      Watch live
      Daily Politics

      Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn present live coverage of Prime Minister's Questions.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 13:00
      Tennis: Eastbourne
      2017: Day 3, Part 1

      John Inverdale introduces the action at Devonshire Park in Eastbourne.

    2. 17:15
      Flog It!
      Series 14: 15. Norfolk 17

      Paul Martin presents from Norwich Cathedral, with experts Thomas Plant and David Fletcher.

  3. Evening

    1. 18:00
      Series 14: Episode 137

      Jeremy Vine hosts a general knowledge quiz featuring the UK's top quiz champions.

    2. 18:30
      Curious Creatures
      Series 1: Episode 8

      Vim Kumaratunga and Lindsey Chapman join team captains Lucy Cooke and Chris Packham.

    3. 19:00
      The World's Most Extraordinary Homes
      2. Forest

      Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin explore extraordinary homes built in forested areas.

    4. 20:00
      Great British Menu
      Series 12: Final Main

      For main course day, the judges are joined by Gordon Reid, Paralympic gold medallist.

    5. 21:00
      Natural World
      2017-2018: 6. Sudan: The Last of the Rhinos

      The remarkable story of 43-year-old Sudan, the last male northern white rhino in the world

    6. 22:00
      White Gold
      Series 1: 6. The Secret Of Sales

      Vincent concocts a spectacular plot to return to his rightful place in the world.

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    7. 22:30

      With Evan Davis.

    8. 23:15
      Series 2: Episode 2

      Nicky is attempting to crowdfund £60,000 to buy herself a drug to fight ovarian cancer.

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  4. Late

    1. 00:15
      Jo Cox: Death of an MP

      The story of the horrific murder of Yorkshire MP Jo Cox by white supremacist Thomas Mair.

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    2. 01:15
      2017: Strange Signals from Outer Space!

      Horizon investigates unusual space signals including the Lorimer Burst.