1. Morning

    1. 06:30
      Dom on the Spot
      Episode 15

      Dom hits the road with Gloucestershire police on the trail of speeding drivers.

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    2. 07:15
      Yes Chef
      15. Friday Final Number Three

      The teams go head to head in the third final, with Pierre Koffmann judging the dishes.

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    3. 08:00
      Watch live
      Ingenious Animals
      2. Relationships

      A look at the amazing bonds that animals have with each other.

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    4. 09:00
      Victoria Derbyshire

      Original stories, exclusive interviews, audience debate and breaking news.

    5. 11:00
      Daily Politics
      26/09/2016: Labour Party Conference

      Andrew Neil with live coverage of the Labour Party conference in Liverpool.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 13:00
      Series 4 Reversions: 19. Waterford to Hook Head

      In Waterford, Alice Roberts learns how to make glass from sand.

    2. 13:15
      The Edge
      Series 1: Episode 4

      Four contestants battle it out for the chance to roll down the cash lanes.

    3. 14:00
      Three Up, Two Down
      Series 4: 5. The Driving Test

      While Angie prepares for her test, Daphne is busy with her own project.

    4. 14:30
      Series 4: 5. Sing You Sinners

      There's mayhem of biblical proportions when Jeffrey has to fill in for the local vicar.

    5. 15:00
      Yes, Minister
      Series 3: 7. The Middle-Class Rip-Off

      Jim Hacker supports the sale of an art gallery to help fund an ailing local football club.

    6. 15:30
      Wild Brazil
      3. Enduring the Drought

      Fierce drought tests the monkey, otter and coati families as they turn to courtship.

    7. 16:30
      The Link
      Series 2: Episode 1

      Three teams battle it out to spot the link between a growing number of clues.

    8. 17:15
      Flog It!
      Series 10: 72. Alnwick Castle

      The team view antiques at Alnwick Castle. Finds include a Napoleonic style bicorn hat.

  3. Evening

    1. 18:00
      Series 18: Episode 1

      Jeremy Vine hosts a general knowledge quiz featuring the UK's top quiz champions.

    2. 18:30
      Strictly - It Takes Two
      Series 14: Episode 1

      Zoe Ball is back to give the lowdown on the new series of Strictly Come Dancing.

    3. 19:00
      The Retreat
      Episode 1

      The cast departs for Koh Phangan Thailand.

    4. 19:30
      Great British Menu
      Series 11: 21. Central Starter

      Three newcomers are competing to become regional champion.

    5. 20:00
      University Challenge
      2016/17: Episode 12

      Queen's University Belfast face the University of Birmingham.

    6. 20:30
      Only Connect
      Series 12: 12. Genealogists v Surrealists

      This heat sees a team of genealogists take on three surrealists.

    7. 21:00
      Ripper Street
      Series 4: 6. No Wolves in Whitechapel

      Drake's wife is convinced that the woman the world saw hanged, Long Susan, still lives.

    8. 22:00
      Morgana Robinson's The Agency
      Episode 1

      Vincent deals with Miranda Hart's burning desire to be taken more seriously as an actor.

    9. 22:30

      With Evan Davis.

    10. 23:15
      Today at Conference
      2016: 1. Labour - Monday

      Andrew Neil with highlights of the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool.

    11. 23:45
      Trust Me, I'm a Doctor
      Series 5: Episode 3

      The doctors test whether the spice turmeric could help protect us against cancer.

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  4. Late

    1. 00:45
      The Great British Bake Off
      Series 7: 4. Batter Week

      Mary and Paul have set three challenges to test the bakers on some store cupboard classics

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    2. 01:45
      Eat Well for Less?
      Series 3: 6. The King Family

      Gregg and Chris help the King family to curb their spending on food.

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