1. Morning

    1. 06:15
      The Housing Enforcers
      Series 3: Episode 11

      A vandalised lift leaves a terminally ill man trapped in his own home.

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    2. 07:00
      Wanted Down Under Revisited
      Series 9: 2. Hoe Family

      Four years after visiting the Gold Coast, have the Hoe family made the move down under?

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    3. 07:45
      Emergency Rescue Down Under
      Episode 11

      A former Royal Marine who now fights fires from a helicopter is airborne.

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    4. 08:15
      Close Calls: On Camera
      Series 3: Episode 7

      A helicopter stunt goes horribly wrong at a display.

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    5. 08:45
      Great British Railway Journeys
      Series 7: 4. St Helens to Knutsford

      Michael discovers how Victorian techniques to construct buildings have evolved.

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    6. 09:15
      Victoria Derbyshire

      Original stories, exclusive interviews, audience debate and breaking news.

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    7. 11:00
      Watch live
      BBC News

      Twenty-four hours a day, the latest national and international stories as they break.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 12:00
      Daily Politics

      Jo Coburn with the latest political news, interviews and debate.

    2. 13:00
      Series 4 Reversions: 12. Ravenscar to Hull

      Neil Oliver is in Hull to retrace the footsteps of 19th-century immigrants.

    3. 13:15
      Super League Show
      2016: Episode 1

      Leeds v Warrington, Wigan v Catalans, St Helens v Huddersfield and Wakefield v Widnes.

    4. 14:00
      Who Do You Think You Are?
      Series 12: 10. Frances de la Tour

      Frances de la Tour's family tree holds a clue which hints at aristocratic ancestors.

    5. 15:00
      A Place to Call Home
      Series 1: 12. New Beginning

      Elizabeth discovers her threat to disinherit George has backfired.

    6. 15:45
      The Best Dishes Ever
      2. Speedy Cooking

      The menu includes Nigella Lawson's sausage meatballs and Nigel Slater's herb butter squid.

    7. 16:15
      Nature's Great Events
      2. The Great Salmon Run

      A look at the annual return of millions of salmon to the streams where they were born.

    8. 17:15
      Flog It!
      Series 8: 72. Wilmslow

      Paul Martin is joined by Anita Manning and James Lewis in the Cheshire town of Wilmslow.

  3. Evening

    1. 18:00
      Series 13: Episode 91

      Jeremy Vine hosts a general knowledge quiz featuring the UK's top quiz champions.

    2. 18:30
      Great American Railroad Journeys
      7. Buffalo to Niagara Falls

      Michael Portillo braves the awesome power and drenching spray of Niagara Falls.

    3. 19:00
      The Great Interior Design Challenge
      Series 3: 5. Georgian Terrace

      The three remaining designers work on a smart Georgian terrace in Bath.

    4. 20:00
      Back in Time for the Weekend
      2. The 60s

      As the Ashby-Hawkins family enter the 60s, there's more fun to be had.

    5. 21:00
      The Real Marigold Hotel
      Episode 3

      What conclusions will the celebrities reach about the realities of retiring to India?

    6. 22:00
      Phone Shop Idol
      4. The Head to Head

      Petty rivalries become full-blown conflicts as the competition heats up.

    7. 22:30

      With James O'Brien.

    8. 23:15
      The Story of China
      3. The Golden Age

      Michael Wood looks at the Song dynasty era, including its art, inventions and cuisine.

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  4. Late

    1. 00:15
      American Football
      2015/16: 18. Super Bowl 50 Review

      Highlights of the action between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos.

    2. 01:05
      Immortal Egypt with Joann Fletcher
      4. Invasion

      Joann discovers how Egypt's enemies exploited a country weakened by internal strife.

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    3. 02:05
      Trust Me, I'm a Doctor
      Series 4: Episode 2

      Dr Chris van Tulleken looks at whether changing the times we eat can aid weight loss.

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