1. Morning

    1. 06:00
      Homes Under the Hammer
      Series 13: Episode 9

      Martin and Lucy visit properties in Bolton, Hampshire and Crewkerne.

    2. 07:00
      Saints and Scroungers
      Series 5: 17. Fox/Disability Dynamics

      An anonymous tip-off alerts investigators to a potential fraud in excess of £60,000.

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    3. 07:30
      Oxford Street Revealed
      Episode 7

      Time is running out for the team tasked with reupholstering a top nightclub's seats.

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    4. 08:15
      Glorious Gardens from Above
      11. Cumbria

      Christine Walkden heads for the lakes and fells of Cumbria to visit some more gardens.

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    5. 09:00
      Great Continental Railway Journeys
      Series 3: 2. Rome to Taormina

      Michael Portillo takes the train down the spine of Italy from Rome to Sicily.

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    6. 10:00
      Close Calls: On Camera
      Episode 8

      A display at an air show goes horribly wrong, and CCTV records a mystery explosion.

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    7. 10:30
      See Hear
      Series 34: Episode 20

      Heidi Koivisto-Robertson uncovers details of a wedding between two deaf people in 1940.

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    8. 11:00
      BBC News

      The latest national and international news, plus top interviews and analysis.

    9. 11:30
      Daily Politics

      Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn present live coverage of Prime Minister's Questions.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 13:00
      Grandparents Plus

      An appeal for a charity that helps grandparents caring full-time for their grandchildren.

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    2. 13:10
      Series 5 Reversions: 30. Hull to London

      Alice Roberts visits Bawdsey Manor, where Britain's first radar station was built.

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    3. 13:25
      Ready Steady Cook
      Series 21: Episode 17

      Stan Boardman and his daughter Andrea reveal what makes Christmas special to them.

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    4. 14:10
      The Great British Bake Off
      Series 4: 8. Quarter Final

      The bakers face the challenges of unconventional flours and unusual deserts.

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    5. 15:10
      A Place to Call Home
      Series 2: 5. The Ghosts of Christmas Past

      Sarah reveals her horrific secret to George, throwing their relationship into doubt.

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    6. 15:55
      The World's Most Photographed
      9. Queen Victoria

      How Queen Victoria used photography to change the monarchy's relationship with the public.

    7. 16:25
      Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain
      3. Paradise Lost

      As the 1960s progress, Britain looks to modern technology and a fairer, liberated future.

    8. 17:25
      Antiques Roadshow
      Series 31: 10. Leeds Castle

      Fiona Bruce and the team of experts return to Leeds Castle in Kent.

  3. Evening

    1. 18:00
      Series 11: Episode 34

      Dermot Murnaghan hosts the quiz featuring the country's top quiz champions.

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    2. 18:30
      Strictly - It Takes Two
      Series 12: Episode 58

      Ian Waite takes us through how the couples are getting on in training.

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    3. 19:00
      The 12 Drinks of Christmas

      Alexander Armstrong and Giles Coren choose 12 festive drinks for Christmas celebrations.

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    4. 20:00
      Watch live
      MasterChef: The Professionals
      Series 7: Episode 19

      The finalists face an invention test before cooking for 25 of Britain's greatest chefs.

    5. 21:00
      Secrets of the Castle with Ruth, Peter and Tom
      Episode 5

      The team come together to help construct a spectacular limestone window for the chapel.

    6. 22:00
      The Apprentice: You're Fired
      Series 10: Episode 11

      Meet the candidates who were shown the door after a grilling by Lord Sugar's inquisitors.

    7. 22:30

      With Evan Davis.

    8. 23:20
      Posh People: Inside Tatler
      Episode 2

      The next generation of Britain's upper class comes together at the Bystander Teen Ball.

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  4. Late

    1. 00:20
      See Hear
      Series 34: Episode 20

      Heidi Koivisto-Robertson uncovers details of a wedding between two deaf people in 1940.

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    2. 04:00
      Pompeii: The Mystery of the People Frozen in Time - Learning Zone

      Short films about the science behind how the victims of Pompeii died in AD79.

    3. 04:30
      Fit to Rule: How Royal Illness Changed History
      Learning Zone

      Lucy Worsley presents six films on the mental and physical health of our past monarchs.

    4. 05:00
      The Modern Monarchy

      Young reporters investigate the role of the modern monarchy in the UK.