1. Evening

    1. 19:00
      Great Movie Mistakes
      III: Not in 3D: Episode 10

      Robert Webb reveals the greatest continuity foul-ups modern cinema has to offer.

    2. 19:15
      Don't Tell the Bride
      Series 5: 8. Steven and Kaleigh

      Ex-footballer Steve tries to give bride-to-be Kaleigh the WAG wedding of her dreams.

    3. 20:15
      Top Gear
      Series 12: Episode 8

      Clarkson, Hammond and May attempt to travel the entire length of Vietnam in eight days.

    4. 21:30
      Deep Impact

      Apocalyptic thriller in which life on Earth is threatened by collision with a rogue comet.

    5. 23:20
      Family Guy
      Series 9: 8. New Kidney in Town

      Will Brian's canine kidney be compatible for Peter when he needs a transplant?

    6. 23:45
      Family Guy
      Series 5: 5. Whistle While Your Wife Works

      When Peter gets hurt and cannot work, his boss tells him that he needs to speed things up.

  2. Late

    1. 00:10
      Family Guy
      Series 5: 6. Prick Up Your Ears

      Lois discovers that Chris has been taught badly about sex, so volunteers to teach a class.

    2. 00:30
      Family Guy
      Series 2: 14. Let's Go to the Hop

      Peter infiltrates Quahog High undercover and convinces the kids to quit licking toads.

    3. 00:55
      Family Guy
      Series 2: 15. Dammit Janet

      Stewie falls for a girl at a daycare centre. Peter convinces Lois to become a stewardess.

    4. 01:15
      Top Coppers
      3. The Venom of Dr Schafer

      Mahogany and Rust investigate disappearances near Dr Schafer's top secret research lab.

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    5. 01:45
      2. Hold Up

      Mary and Joe are working the last shift when a hoodie bursts in and demands some nuggets.

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    6. 02:15
      Impractical Jokers
      Series 1: Episode 2

      The jokers offer free massages and attempt to join strangers' conversations.

    7. 02:45
      Impractical Jokers
      Series 1: Episode 3

      The jokers are forced to use bizarre words in a bookshop and pose as nightclub bouncers.

    8. 03:15
      Impractical Jokers
      Series 1: Episode 4

      The jokers convince complete strangers into taking a ridiculous amount of photos of them.

    9. 03:45
      Comedy Feeds
      2015: 6. Sunny D

      Dane is 29, ambitious, frustrated and very funny.

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