1. Evening

    1. 19:00
      Great Movie Mistakes
      Series 2: The Sequel: Episode 3

      Robert Webb uncovers the clangers and gaffes in Hollywood's biggest blockbusters.

    2. 19:25
      Doctor Who
      Series 8: 10. In the Forest of the Night

      The Doctor discovers that the final days of humanity have arrived.

    3. 20:10
      Doctor Who
      Series 8: 11. Dark Water

      Missy is about to come face to face with the Doctor, and an impossible choice is looming.

    4. 21:00
      Fright Night

      A teenager discovers he is living next door to a vampire and turns to a magician for help.

    5. 22:40

      Tensions run high for the Mitchells and Beales. Donna confronts Martin about his secret.

    6. 23:10
      Family Guy
      Series 12: 21. Chap Stewie

      Stewie builds a new time machine and tries to stop himself from ever being born.

    7. 23:35
      Family Guy
      Series 7: 1. Love Blacktually

      Brian meets the girl of his dreams, but Cleveland moves in and sweeps her off her feet.

    8. 23:55
      American Dad!
      Series 8: 9. Stanny Tendergrass

      Stan makes Steve work with him as a groundskeeper at the country club.

  2. Late

    1. 00:15
      Family Guy
      Series 4: 14. PTV

      Peter creates his own TV station, broadcasting edgy programming from the Griffin home.

    2. 00:40
      Bluestone 42
      Series 3: Episode 3

      Towerblock is put through his paces after challenging Rocket to a battle of the fittest.

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    3. 01:10
      Killer Magic
      Series 1: 1. Toys

      Five magicians combine magic with toys, and the killer trick is to be submerged in ice.

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    4. 01:40
      I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse
      Episode 6

      The group come face to face with the abomination - a ferocious and deadly freak zombie.

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    5. 02:40
      Tom Felton Meets the Superfans

      Tom Felton meets the world's most committed fans in a bid to understand what drives them.

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    6. 03:40
      Comedy Feeds
      2014: 7. Rude Boys

      The antics of a group of friends in East London.

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