1. Morning

    1. 06:20
      Boris Johnson

      Recorded coverage of the speech by Boris Johnson in Australia from Thursday 27 July.

    2. 07:20
      Europe's Summer of Elections - Explaining Political Dynamics in France, Britain and Germany

      A panel of experts analyse the implications of elections in France, the UK and Germany.

    3. 08:45
      Leadership Reflections
      Series 1: 2. Margaret Thatcher

      Political journalist Steve Richards looks at the leadership of Margaret Thatcher.

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    4. 09:15
      Watch live
      Westminster Hall
      Persecution of Christians

      Recorded coverage of a debate on the persecution of Christians, from 4 July.

    5. 10:45
      Elizabeth II Lecture

      Vernon Bogdanor delivers lecture on Elizabeth II, from Tuesday 16 May.

    6. 11:40
      Shirley Williams

      Sean Curran talks to Baroness Shirley Williams about her life and political career.

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  2. Afternoon

    1. 12:30
      House of Commons

      Highlights of the debate marking the centenary of Passchendaele, from Thursday 13th July.

    2. 14:35
      Lord Lexden on Stanley Baldwin

      Lord Lexden delivers a lecture on Conservative prime minister Stanley Baldwin.

    3. 15:05
      Leadership Reflections
      Series 1: 3. John Major

      Political journalist Steve Richards looks at the leadership of John Major.

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    4. 15:35
      Select Committees
      Brexit and Overseas Territories Committee

      The Lords European Union select committee session on Brexit and the overseas territories.

    5. 17:15
      Prime Minister's Questions

      Coverage of questions in the House of Commons to prime minister Theresa May, from 19 July.

  3. Evening

    1. 18:05
      Laws and Ladies

      Daniel Brittain with Baroness Dean, Baroness Meacher, Baroness Jones and Baroness Fookes.

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    2. 18:45
      Supreme Court Judgement
      Employment Tribunal Fees

      Recorded coverage of the Supreme Court judgement on the case brought by Unison.

    3. 18:55
      Douglas Carswell MP

      Mark D'Arcy in discussion with Clacton MP Douglas Carswell.

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    4. 19:10
      Alex Salmond

      Sean Curran talks to Alex Salmond about his life and political career.

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    5. 20:00
      Select Committees
      Lords EU Committee with David Davis on Brexit

      The Lords EU Committee on Brexit with evidence from David Davis, from Tuesday 11 July.

    6. 21:20
      Referendum Reflections: One Year On

      A panel discussion hosted by the UK in a Changing Europe initiative on the EU Referendum.

    7. 22:20
      Davis and Barnier

      News conference in Brussels with Davis Davis and Michel Barnier, from Thursday 20 July.

    8. 22:50
      Peter Oborne

      Mark D'Arcy talks to author and journalist Peter Oborne.

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    9. 23:05
      Donald Trump

      Recorded coverage of Donald Trump's speech at a rally in Ohio, from Wednesday 26th July.

  4. Late

    1. 00:05
      50th Anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act 1967

      Disscussions by parliamentarians of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act, from Wednesday 12 July.

    2. 01:05
      Scottish Parliament
      Scotland's Future

      Recorded coverage of proceedings in the Scottish Parliament.

    3. 01:55
      Leadership Reflections
      Series 1: 4. Tony Blair

      Political journalist Steve Richards looks at the leadership of Tony Blair.

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    4. 02:25
      US Senate Intelligence Committee with James Comey

      Highlights from the US senate intelligence committee hearing with James Comey.

    5. 03:25
      Speaker's House
      The Future of the NHS

      Sarah Wollaston delivers a lecture on the future of the NHS, from Tuesday 11 July.

    6. 03:55
      Mayor's Question Time

      Recorded coverage of questions to Sadiq Khan, from Thursday 10 August.

    7. 05:25
      George VI Lecture - Vernon Bogdanor

      Professor Vernon Bogdanor delivers a lecture on George VI, from Tuesday 25 April.