1. Morning

    1. 06:00

      The latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC's Breakfast team.

    2. 07:35
      Match of the Day
      2016/2017: 21/01/2017

      Gary Lineker presents highlights from the day's seven Premier League fixtures.

    3. 09:00
      The Andrew Marr Show

      With Theresa May, John McDonnell and Nick Clegg. Joyce DiDonato performs live.

    4. 10:00
      The Big Questions
      Series 10: Episode 3

      Nicky Campbell presents the Big Questions live from Bradford's Appleton Academy.

    5. 11:00
      Sunday Politics London

      Andrew Neil, Tim Donovan and Diane Abbott look at Theresa May's Brexit speech.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 12:15
      Bargain Hunt
      Series 42: 29. Newbury 28

      The sunny streets of Hungerford host two teams of bargain hunters.

    2. 13:00
      BBC Weekend News

      National and international news from the BBC.

    3. 13:15
      Homes Under the Hammer
      Series 17: Episode 23

      Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander visit homes in Birmingham, London and Cumbria.

    4. 14:15
      Flog It!
      Series 9 Reversions: 3. Malvern

      The star item in Malvern is a painting by renowned artist Robert Lenkiewicz.

    5. 15:15
      Escape to the Country
      Series 15 Compilations: 5. Scotland

      Highlights from Jules Hudson and Jonnie Irwin's property hunts in Scotland.

    6. 16:15
      ECPAT UK

      Anita Rani presents an appeal on behalf of ECPAT UK.

    7. 16:25
      Songs of Praise

      Aled Jones discovers what being the UK's City of Culture means for Hull.

    8. 17:00
      Spy in the Wild
      2. Intelligence

      In Borneo, a spy creature meets real orangutans and discovers how they use human tools.

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  3. Evening

    1. 18:00
      BBC Weekend News

      The latest national and international news stories from the BBC.

    2. 18:20
      London News
      Weekend News: 22/01/2017

      The latest news, sport and weather from London.

    3. 18:30
      Jurassic Coast

      Matt Baker meets a fossil specialist on the Jurassic Coast.

    4. 19:30
      Still Open All Hours
      Series 3: Episode 5

      Granville tries to tempt the locals with a big wheel of cheese which seems to be off.

    5. 20:00
      Call the Midwife
      Series 6: Episode 1

      The team reunite but all is not well when a change of management shakes up Nonnatus House.

    6. 21:00
      Apple Tree Yard
      Series 1: Episode 1

      A doctor has an affair with an enigmatic stranger and begins to suspect more is at play.

    7. 22:00
      BBC Weekend News

      Latest national and international news, with reports from BBC correspondents worldwide.

    8. 22:20
      London News
      Weekend News: 22/01/2017

      The latest news, sport and weather from London.

    9. 22:30
      Match of the Day 2
      2016/17: 22/01/2017

      Highlights of Chelsea v Hull, Burnley v Arsenal and Leicester v Southampton.

    10. 23:40
      A Question of Sport
      Series 46: Episode 21

      With guests Chris Wood, Katy Marchant, Shane Lowry and Moe Sbihi.

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  4. Late

    1. 00:10
      The Apprentice USA
      Celebrity Apprentice 6: 3. I'm Being Punked by a Jackson

      The team members must promote a soft drink by performing a four-minute soap opera.

    2. 01:35
      Weather for the Week Ahead

      Detailed weather forecast.

    3. 01:40
      Joins BBC News

      BBC One joins the BBC's rolling news channel for a night of news.