1. Morning

    1. 06:00

      The latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC's Breakfast team.

    2. 07:45
      Match of the Day
      2014/2015: 18/04/2015

      Gabby Logan introduces highlights of the day's five Premier League matches.

    3. 09:00
      The Andrew Marr Show

      Andrew is joined by David Cameron, Vince Cable, Nicola Sturgeon and Ron Sexsmith.

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    4. 10:00
      The Big Questions
      Series 8: Episode 14

      In a special edition from York, Nicky Campbell asks one question - do we have free will?

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    5. 11:00
      Sunday Politics London

      Andrew Neil and Tim Donovan with the latest political news, interviews and debate.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 12:15
      MOTD2 Extra

      Mark Chapman and guests discuss the talking points from FA Cup semi-final weekend.

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    2. 13:00
      BBC Weekend News

      National and international news from the BBC.

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    3. 13:15
      Bargain Hunt
      Series 36: 15. Edinburgh 2

      The teams head north of the border to Edinburgh in an attempt to root out bargains.

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    4. 14:00

      Singer Kim Wilde makes an appeal on behalf of the charity Thrive.

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    5. 14:10
      Points of View
      2015: Episode 2

      Jeremy Vine presents audience views on BBC TV over the week.

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    6. 14:25
      Songs of Praise

      Claire McCollum explores one of the many spiritual stops along the Pennine Way.

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    7. 15:00
      Watch live
      Formula 1
      2015: The Bahrain Grand Prix

      Suzi Perry introduces live coverage of the Bahrain Grand Prix in Sakhir.

  3. Evening

    1. 18:05
      Celebrity Mastermind
      2012/2013: Episode 4

      John Humphrys quizzes Ken Bruce, Sid Sloane, Paul Young and Holly Walsh.

    2. 18:35
      BBC Weekend News

      The latest national and international news stories from the BBC.

    3. 18:50
      BBC London News

      The latest news, sport and weather from London.

    4. 19:00

      Ellie Harrison, John Craven and Anita Rani explore Britain's woodlands.

    5. 20:00
      Antiques Roadshow
      Series 37: 19. Lowther Castle 1

      Treasures include a mysterious letterbox and a stuffed dog with an aristocratic pedigree.

    6. 21:00
      Episode 7

      Francis wrongly blames Ross for helping Verity elope with Andrew Blamey.

    7. 22:00
      BBC Weekend News

      Latest national and international news, with reports from BBC correspondents worldwide.

    8. 22:20
      BBC London News

      The latest news, sport and weather from London.

    9. 22:30
      Match of the Day 2
      2014/15: 19/04/2015

      Mark Chapman introduces action from Manchester City v West Ham and Newcastle v Tottenham.

    10. 23:20
      The FA Cup
      2014/15: Semi-Final Highlights: Aston Villa v Liverpool

      Highlights of the FA Cup semi-final between Aston Villa and Liverpool.

    11. 23:55
      The Uninvited

      Thriller. A teenager is plagued by supernatural visions after surviving a house fire.

  4. Late

    1. 01:15
      Weather for the Week Ahead

      Detailed weather forecast.

    2. 01:20
      Joins BBC News

      BBC One joins the BBC's rolling news channel for a night of news.