1. Evening

    1. 19:00
      Britain Beneath Your Feet
      1. Building Britain

      Dallas Campbell reveals the hidden wonders beneath our feet.

    2. 20:00
      Britain Beneath Your Feet
      2. On the Move

      Dallas Campbell explores how what goes on underground keeps our country on the move.

    3. 21:00
      Listen to Britain 2017

      A night celebrating 1942 documentary Listen to Britain with 12 new short films for 2017.

    4. 21:05
      Listen to Britain

      Humphrey Jennings' 1942 documentary depicting a day and a night on the Home Front.

    5. 21:25
      Listen to Britain 2017
      Accents Speak Louder Than Words

      Can accent training help avoid discrimination for Kasha who has lived in UK for 27 years?

    6. 21:35
      Listen to Britain 2017
      Listen to Bridgeton

      Documentary which explores the last corporation bus garage in Glasgow.

    7. 21:45
      Listen to Britain 2017

      A day in the life of a taxi driver in Maesteg, an ex-mining town in the Welsh valleys.

    8. 21:55
      Listen to Britain 2017

      A unique view of Britain today, through the eyes of one very special therapy dog.

    9. 22:05
      Listen to Britain 2017
      In Other Words

      Three young London poets reveal their personal struggles with mental illness.

    10. 22:15
      Listen to Britain 2017
      India Hope: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman

      A portrait of India Hope, a 24-year-old female poet with Down's syndrome.

    11. 22:20
      Listen to Britain 2017
      That Yorkshire Sound

      An audio-driven animated documentary covering a day of life in Yorkshire.

    12. 22:25
      Listen to Britain 2017
      Silent Roars

      Four of the internet's biggest female stars reveal how their followers are shaping them.

    13. 22:35
      Listen to Britain 2017
      Learning to Swim

      In a time of uncertainty Ingrid welcomes a Syrian refugee into her home and finds hope.

    14. 22:45
      Listen to Britain 2017

      The UK's obsession with period dramas and their failure to reflect modern diversity.

    15. 22:50
      Listen to Britain 2017
      From HK to MK

      A mixed race son visits his Chinese father in Milton Keynes.

    16. 23:00
      Listen to Britain 2017
      Voices of Britain

      A portrait of how our similarities outweigh our differences.

    17. 23:15
      When Albums Ruled the World

      How the album changed popular music for ever between the mid-1960s and the late 1970s.

  2. Late

    1. 00:45
      Precision: The Measure of All Things
      3. Heat, Light and Electricity

      How we came to measure and harness the power of heat, light and electricity.

    2. 01:45
      Treasures of the Louvre

      Andrew Hussey looks at the art and history of an extraordinary French institution.