1. Morning

    1. 06:00
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      Alba Today

      Sealladh ùr bho Alba. A new view from Scotland.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 17:00
      Series 2: 15. Oifis Dadaidh Muc/Daddy Pigs Office

      Peppa and George visit Daddy Pig's office and have a go at working there.

    2. 17:05
      Series 2: 16. Eilean Nan Spùinneadairean/Pirate Island

      Grandpa Pig and Granny Pig take Peppa on a boat trip to Pirate Island.

    3. 17:10
      Creag nam Buthaidean/Puffin Rock
      Series 1: 33. Picnic Baba

      Tha Baba 's Mossy trang ag ullachadh picnic. Baba and Mossy prepare a picnic.

    4. 17:20
      Creag nam Buthaidean/Puffin Rock
      Series 1: 34. Turas dhan Uamh

      Tha an teaghlach a gabhail turas sònraichte. The family set out on a special adventure.

    5. 17:25
      Ben & Hoilidh san Rìoghachd Bhig/Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom
      33. Crodh/Cows

      The children travel to Lucy Big's farm to learn where milk comes from.

    6. 17:35
      Ben & Hoilidh san Rìoghachd Bhig/Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom
      34. Là dheth na Banrigh/Queen Thistle's Day Off

      Queen Thistle takes a day off, so the naughty twins Daisy and Poppy need looking after.

    7. 17:45
      Seonaidh/Shaun the Sheep
      Series 4: 16. Am Peileagan/The Pelican

      An unusual guest lands at the farm, so Shaun and Bitzer try to make it feel welcome.

    8. 17:55
      Donnie Murdo/Danger Mouse
      Series 1: 32. Aoidion Olc/Wicked Leaks

      Penfold's addiction to social media puts the planet in danger of being deflated.

  3. Evening

    1. 18:10
      Series 4: Episode 11

      Featuring teams from Portree Primary School and Mallaig Primary School.

    2. 18:40
      Aithne air Ainmhidhean/All About Animals
      Series 2: 22. Ron Glas/Sully the Grey Seal

      The story of Sully, a grey seal pup preparing for life in the North Atlantic.

    3. 19:00
      Turas a Bhradain
      Series 1: 5. North East to Far West

      An odyssey through Scotland's fishing rivers with Neen MacKay.

    4. 19:30
      Speaking Our Language
      Series 1: Episode 1

      Gaelic for beginners presented by Rhoda MacDonald.

    5. 19:55
      Earrann Eachdraidh/History Shorts
      Episode 25

      History short looking back at revolution and new beginnings.

    6. 20:00
      An Là

      Local, national and international news from BBC ALBA.

    7. 20:30
      Dualchas a' Chaisteil/The Castle
      Episode 3

      A portrait of an extraordinary building set in a landscape of stories.

    8. 21:00
      Diary of Britain
      Episode 2

      A week in the life of the workers of the Lion Foundry in Kirkintilloch in December 1978.

    9. 21:45
      Sgeul Seirbheis

      Gaels reflect on their experience of national service in the 1950s.

    10. 22:00
      Horo Gheallaidh
      Sreath 7: Episode 16

      In this programme, Arthur Cormack and Kan are among the guests.

    11. 22:30
      Series 3: Episode 2

      Tha àimhreit a' toirt air Isla teicheadh. A row with Sarah Jane makes Isla flee from Camus

    12. 23:00
      Brian Wilson

      Profile of Brian Wilson, the controversial journalist, businessman and politician.

  4. Late

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      Alba Today

      Sealladh ùr bho Alba. A new view from Scotland.