1. Morning

    1. 06:00
      Watch live
      Seo Alba (This is Alba)

      Sealladh ùr bho Alba. A new view from Scotland.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 17:00
      Blarag a' Bho
      Blàrag ag Iarraidh a bhith Diofraichte (Connie Wants to Be Different)

      Blàrag imitates the animals who can swim, fly and spring along very fast.

    2. 17:10
      Na Braithrean Cuideachail
      Series 5: 7. Tha Teadaich air Chall (Ned's Missing Teddy)

      More fun and games with the Koala Brothers.

    3. 17:20
      Calum Clachair: Gleann na Grèine/Bob the Builder: Project Fix It
      Series 1: 7. Danaidh agus Donaidh (Benny's Back)

      The gang build a storeroom for an impatient farmer Pickle.

    4. 17:30
      Series 4: 7. Eachann is Leacsaidh

      Eachan is very grateful when Leacsaidh saves her from an accident.

    5. 17:50
      Leum is Danns
      Episode 7

      Dancing fun for preschool children.

  3. Evening

    1. 18:00
      Seonaidh/Shaun the Sheep
      Series 4: 26. Obair-Taighe/Picture Perfect

      Bitzer is delighted when he discovers the flock's barn needs a good tidy-up.

    2. 18:10
      An Sionnach Sgianach s Na Seoid
      10. Greetings from Genosha

      With Kurt in Genosha the truth about the so-called 'mutant paradise' comes out.

    3. 18:30
      Series 5: Episode 11

      Drama Gàidhlig stèidhichte ann an Leòdhas. Isle of Lewis Gaelic soap.

    4. 19:00
      An Là

      Local, national and international news from BBC ALBA.

    5. 19:25
      Fraochy Bay
      Series 2: 4. Crumple of the Bailey

      Fraochy Bay's Sheriff Court is now in session.

    6. 19:30
      Calanais - Full Circle
      Episode 4

      Late autumn at Callanish brings the season's first casualty from the Azores cruise ship.

    7. 20:00
      Na Caimbeulaich

      A profile of two generations of the singing dynasty, the Campbells of Greepe.

    8. 21:00
      A gu U: an do bhlais thu?
      Episode 1

      Taghadh bìdh annasach à tasglann a' BhBC. A choice menu of dishes from the BBC archive.

    9. 22:00
      Cuirm @ Celtic
      2015/16: Episode 2

      A concert special presented by Linda MacLeod.

    10. 23:00
      2015 Highlights: 3. Kaiser Chiefs

      Highlights from Belladrum 2015 Saturday night headliners, Kaiser Chiefs.

    11. 23:30
      Air An Rathad
      Series 8: Episode 5

      Murray test drives the Jeep Reenegade, and Mairi Ross sits her BARS test.

  4. Late

    1. 00:00
      Seo Alba (This is Alba)

      Sealladh ùr bho Alba. A new view from Scotland.