1. Morning

    1. 06:00
      Seo Alba (This is Alba)
      This is BBC ALBA

      Sealladh ùr bho Alba. A new view from Scotland.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 17:00
      Series 2: 25. Tha Cnatan air Deorsa/George Catches Cold

      George loves jumping in muddy puddles, even in the rain, but ends up catching a cold.

    2. 17:05
      Series 2: 26. Deuchainn na Sùilean/The Eye Test

      Peppa thinks she might need glasses, so Mummy Pig takes her to the optician.

    3. 17:10
      Ben & Hoilidh san Rìoghachd Bhig/Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom
      45. Picnic air a' Ghealaich/Picnic on the Moon

      Part 2 of 2: The visitors land on the Moon and begin to explore.

    4. 17:20
      Ben & Hoilidh san Rìoghachd Bhig/Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom
      46. Picnic Lusaidh/Lucy's Picnic

      On a tour of the Elf Factory, the elf and fairy children learn about recycling.

    5. 17:33
      Na h-Uilebheistean/I'm a Monster
      9. Bodach Bògais/Boogieman

      The Boogieman explains how he has better things to do than spend his time scaring children

    6. 17:35
      Ben am Mathan/The Secret World of Benjamin Bear
      Episode 11

      Tuilleadh spòrs le Ben is Eoin. More fun and games with Ben and Eoin.

  3. Evening

    1. 18:00
      Donnie Murdo/Danger Mouse
      Series 1: 26. Buaidh a' Hamstair/The Hamster Effect

      Victorian gentlechimp Brunel is determined to prevent DM and Penfold ever meeting.

    2. 18:10
      Ceistean Lara
      12. Greannach!

      Monica makes cupcakes which are just awful, but her friends are too polite to say so.

    3. 18:25
      Ceistean Lara
      13. Cuideachadh Lara

      Lara is homesick and her friends don't seem to be able to cheer her up.

    4. 18:35
      Sealgairean Spòrsail/History Hunters
      3. Na Ròmanaich/The Romans

      Travel back to the age of the Roman Empire with Calum, Kerry Anne and the History Hunters.

    5. 19:00
      Muir is Tir (Natural History)
      Episode 13

      The nature and wildlife of Britain and Ireland. This programme looks at the wildcat.

    6. 19:30
      Beul Chainnt
      Series 2: Episode 3

      Eilidh MacLeod explores the richness and diversity of the Gaelic language.

    7. 20:00
      An Là

      Local, national and international news from BBC ALBA.

    8. 20:30
      Series 24: Episode 2

      Reports on the most important stories from across Europe.

    9. 21:00
      Series 3: Episode 2

      Tha àimhreit a' toirt air Isla teicheadh. A row with Sarah Jane makes Isla flee from Camus

    10. 21:30
      Adventure Sulasgeir An-diugh/Adventure Sulasgeir Today

      Updating the story of the gannet hunters of Ness, first broadcast in 1962.

    11. 22:30

      Documentary film about Hamish Henderson, whose poems continue to inspire a nation.

  4. Late

    1. 00:00
      Seo Alba (This is Alba)
      This is BBC ALBA

      Sealladh ùr bho Alba. A new view from Scotland.