1. Morning

    1. 06:00
      Seo Alba (This is Alba)

      Sealladh ùr bho Alba. A new view from Scotland.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 17:00
      Series 2: 1. Saor-Laithean Polaidh/Polly's Holiday

      Polaidh Pitheid gu taigh Pheppa gus an coimhead i as a deidh. Polly Parrot visits Peppa.

    2. 17:05
      Series 2: 27. Am Feur Fada/The Long Grass

      Peppa and George are playing in the garden, but the grass has grown very long.

    3. 17:10
      Ben am Mathan/The Secret World of Benjamin Bear
      Episode 6

      Tuilleadh spòrs le Ben is Eoin. More fun and games with Ben and Eoin.

    4. 17:35
      Tomas is a Threud
      Henry Agus am Brat-Chrann (Henry And The Flagpole)

      Salty accidentally runs over the flagpole that Henry was supposed to deliver.

    5. 17:45
      Series 1: 18. An Rìgh Congo/King Congo

      King Congo learns a lesson he won't forget from Beitidh and Bhipo.

    6. 17:55
      Episode 9

      Follow the amazing adventures of Meusaidh.

  3. Evening

    1. 18:05
      Na h-Uilebheistean/I'm a Monster
      2. An Spaoileadair/The Mummy

      Story of the Mummy.

    2. 18:10
      Dè a-nis?
      Series 22: Episode 7

      Megan and Derek compete at the World Porridge Championships.

    3. 19:10
      Caistealan Alba
      Episode 3

      A look at Castle Levan and Glamis Castle.

    4. 19:30
      Speaking Our Language
      Series 3: Episode 11

      Gaelic for beginners presented by Rhoda MacDonald.

    5. 20:00
      An Là

      Local, national and international news from BBC ALBA.

    6. 20:30
      Series 22: Episode 3

      Calum Maclean looks at the increasing use of lignite in Germany.

    7. 21:00
      Series 3: Episode 2

      Claire and Donald invite Joy Dunlop to join them in the preparations for their wedding.

    8. 22:00
      Fonn Fonn Fonn
      Episode 5

      An off-beat music quiz show hosted by sharp dresser and resident wit Gilleasbuig Ferguson.

    9. 22:30
      Piping Live
      2014: Episode 1

      Featuring music sessions from the bands Dàimh and Havanti.

    10. 23:00
      Leasan sa Bhas

      A bizarre story of addiction, lust and murder on Scarp in the late 19th century.

  4. Late

    1. 00:00
      Seo Alba (This is Alba)

      Sealladh ùr bho Alba. A new view from Scotland.