RSS Feeds

The easy way to track the latest programmes available on BBC iPlayer

Get the latest programme listings delivered to you via RSS feeds. Simply select your favourite feeds, subscribe and browse the latest programme listings using your browser or news reader software.

How to Subscribe

What you need

You will need one of the folowing to subscribe and read RSS feeds:

  • A. Modern web browser

    Many web browsers now allow you to add RSS feeds as browser favourite or bookmark folders. The folders are automatically updated with listings of links to the latest BBC iPlayer programme pages.
  • B. Account with web-based news reader websites

  • C. Desktop news reader software

    Some email software also allow you to read RSS feeds. In addition, there are dedicated news reader software that you can download and install.

How to subscribe

  1. Find the feed you want by either:

    • Browsing the site for listings you are interested in. Look for the icon at the bottom of the listing.
    • Or follow the 'more feeds...' link next to the icon to browse the full listing of available feeds.
  2. Once you find the feed you want:

    • Subscribe by clicking the link provided.

More on using RSS feeds

Check out our Help section for more information on:

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