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Business Matters - Apple's Tax Row with US Senate

US Senators accuse Apple of avoiding billions in tax but is the tax system to blame? Will Yahoo's $1.1bn tumblr gamble make the internet giant hip?

Apple is accused of avoiding a big US tax bill by a Senate committee - but are they just doing the right thing by their business? The internet site Yahoo is spending over one billion dollars to buy the trendy blogging website Tumblr. We ask if this is enough to make the internet giant "hip"? In Uganda we find out what NOT to talk about on radio and in newspapers and we'll be hearing from Charlie Herman, the business and economics editor of WNYC public radio in New York, for his perspective on some of today's top business stories. He has been called a "Master of the Universe" but Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JP Morgan - the biggest bank in the US - will face the music this week at the bank's annual general meeting in Florida. A group of investors there will decide whether he gets to keep both his jobs of CEO and chairman - or whether he gets stripped of his role as chairman. We ask if this is a sign that shareholders are finally getting tough with bank management? Rewind: why the cassette tape is making a comeback in Canada. And regular commentator Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times, has been watching management styles come and go, so which ones did she loathe the most?

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