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The Fifth Floor - Reporting Yemen

Iraq: language of war; St Petersburgh gets a new Mariinksy; Intimidation and assault in Sanaa; Spotlight on Bangladesh; Jazz Saves the World; and Bin Laden according to an Uzbek

A fresh look at the week's global news from across the World Service's 27 language sections, with presenter David Amanor. IRAQ: LANGUAGE OF WAR This week marks ten years since the Americans ended official combat in Iraq, and Bush declared it a "Mission Accomplished". BBC Mundo's Inma Gil looks back at a decade of controversial language and rhetoric surrounding this conflict. MAGICAL MARIINSKY? BBC Russian's culture correspondent Alexander Kan is in his home city of St Peterburgh to welcome, with some trepidation, the opening of the revamped Mariinsky - the city's most famous theatre. STORIES FROM THE FRONTLINE: YEMEN "I'm a journalist for the BBC I said, but it still didn't stop me from being beaten." BBC Arabic's Abdullah Ghorab talks about the intimidation and assault that comes with the job of reporting Yemen. SPOTLIGHT ON BANGLADESH It's been two weeks of intense news coverage following the collapse of a building housing a garment factory near Dhaka, BBC Bengali's Sabir Mustafa gives an insight into a surprising twist to the tale that raised a few hackles in Bangladesh. CAN JAZZ SAVE THE WORLD? The UN has declared jazz its new champion of human rights and wants the musical genre to be used more widely in the fight for peace and the betterment of all mankind. Is Jazz up to this mighty task? BBC Russian's jazz aficionado Seva Novgorodsev dusts off his trumpet. A POET AND BIN LADEN It's been two years since Osama Bin Laden was captured and killed in a dramatic raid by US Special Forces in Pakistan, and the head of the Central Asian Service Hamid Ismailov has been weaving fiction, fact and poetry in his latest novel about the world's most wanted man. WITNESS How a retired postman gave the US National Gallery a priceless modern art collection for free. Picture: Two police officers in front of the Yemeni flag. Picture Credit: Getty Images

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