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Mongolia goes head-to-head with Rio Tinto over revenues from a vast new copper mine.

The Gobi desert is one of the most remote and hostile environments on earth - home to just a few nomadic camel herders and the world's greatest untapped reserve of copper, gold and silver. The mining giant Rio Tinto has spent over six billion dollars building a huge mine there. Production has just begun, but now the Mongolian government wants to renegotiate. Justin Rowlatt discusses the future of this important project with President Tsakhaiagiin Elbegdorj of Mongolia and Rio Tinto's new chief executive, Sam Walsh. Plus, how you can get the new job you want despite the downturn and the almighty row over sports rights in Africa. (Photo: Rio Tintos new chief executive Sam Walsh. Credit: AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

  • Broadcast on BBC World Service, 11:32PM Fri, 15 Feb 2013
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  • First broadcast BBC World Service, 8:32AM Fri, 15 Feb 2013
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