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First transmitted in 1960, David Attenborough marvels at the dry land diving custom performed by male islanders during his expedition of the South West Pacific Islands.

First transmitted in 1960, in this series David Attenborough undertakes an expeditionary tour of the South West Pacific in search of disappearing indigenous customs and rituals. David Attenborough was personally invited to the region by none other than the reigning monarch of Tonga, Queen Salote, to attend the Tongan Royal Kava Ceremony. On their way to Tonga, David and his team explore the South West Pacific, travelling to numerous islands and immersing themselves in this exotic culture. The journey starts at the islands of the New Hebrides. In Pentecost, David Attenborough marvels at a diving custom performed by male islanders. From a 100ft (30m) tower vantage point platform, male islanders complete death-defying dry land diving stunts.

First shown: 8.30pm 21 Apr 1960
Available for over a year Duration 30 mins

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