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Another bride takes a back seat and lets her groom organise their big day, as history-loving Nathan tries to give modern girl Nikki the wedding of her dreams.

Fun-loving Essex girl Nikki Bacon gives full control of her wedding to historical-loving Nathan Bones. Having met on a blind date two years ago, their fairy-tale romance was straight out of the history books. Now Nathan has just three weeks and £12,000 to pull off the wedding of a lifetime. Despite coming from the same neighbourhood, this Essex couple couldn't be more different. Both born and bred in Basildon, Nikki has always dreamt of a pink, girly Essex wedding. But Nathan is far from your typical Essex lad, and is more obsessed with a fine cup of tea than a fun night out. So what will happen when a cravat-wearing groom refuses to loosen his stiff upper lip? And with everyone doubting his choices, will his wedding make history for all the wrong reasons? Can this history-loving groom give this very modern girl the wedding of her dreams?

First shown: 28 Aug 2012
Available for 22 days Why? Duration 60 mins

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