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In The Flesh - Series 1 - Episode 1

Zombie drama series. Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferer Kieren Walker returns to his home village of Roarton, but receives a decidedly mixed reception upon his arrival. (R)

Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferer Kieren Walker returns home to the cauldron of Roarton, but doesn't receive a warm welcome from all. His parents, Steve and Sue, are undoubtedly pleased to see him, but his sister, Jem, isn't so ready to pick up where they left off when Kieren died back in 2009. Meanwhile, the zombie-hating Human Volunteer Force, led by the violent Bill Macy, are ready to take action against any PDS sufferer reintegrated on their patch. (R)

  • Broadcast on BBC Three, 1:45AM Sun, 13 Apr 2014
  • Available until 2:44AM Sun, 20 Apr 2014
  • First broadcast BBC HD, 10:00PM Sun, 17 Mar 2013
  • Categories
  • Duration 60 minutes


  1. Giles Weir Oliver Birch
  2. Ken Burton Ricky Tomlinson
  3. Duncan Lancaster Steve Garti
  4. Lisa Lancaster Riann Steele
  5. Jem Walker Harriet Cains
  6. Amy Dyer Emily Bevan
  7. Kieren Walker Stewart Scudamore
  8. Treatment Assistant James Foster
  9. Alex Alex Arnold
  10. Vicar Oddie Kenneth Cranham
  11. Janet Macy Karen Henthorn
  12. Patty Lancaster Juliet Ellis
  13. Sue Walker Marie Critchley
  14. Shirley Wilson Sandra Huggett
  15. Ben Lee Toomes
  16. Joanne Rachel Toomes
  17. Steve Walker Steve Cooper
  18. Hannah Danielle Vitalis
  19. Keith John Owen-Jones
  20. Pearl Pinder Gillian Waugh
  21. Gary Kevin Sutton
  22. Dean Gerard Thompson
  23. Mrs Bennett Susan Twist
  24. Maggie Burton Sue Wallace

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