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Business Daily - Egypt's economic grievances

Poverty, high food prices and corruption: the economic reasons behind Egypt's unrest. Plus a leading US environmentalist says that 2011 is the year of the 'Great Food Crisis'.

The economic reasons behind Egypt's unrest include high food prices, low wages and corruption. Lesley Curwen talks to Fouad Gehad Marei, an Egyptian who has been organising protests against President Mubarak in London. He predicts there will be an indefinite general strike and says that business people have joined the protests because they are frustrated about corruption and unfair political influence.

Plus, the leading American environmentalist Lester Brown says 2011 is the year of the 'Great Food Crisis'. He is the founder and president of the Earth Policy Institute in Washington, and in his latest book, World on the Edge he argues governments must shift spending away from defence into investment in tackling climate change, water efficiency, and curbs on population.

And our regular commentator Lucy Kellaway unravels the complex subtleties of Goldman Sachs' latest mission statement.

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