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Comedy series about the worst brother and sister in the world. When her boss is replaced, Hannah realises she will to have to maintain the status quo.

Dan is insanely bored. With no friends other than Hannah, he is left just moping about the flat, taking apart plug sockets and eating yoghurts in the bath for entertainment.

Not that Hannah cares - after all, she's got a job. Hannah's boss Andy is a functioning alcoholic - a fact that she regularly uses to her advantage. Her working day tends to start at 11am with a smoothie and she's out of the office by 2pm.

When Andy is sacked and replaced with determined Annette, Hannah realises she's going to have to find a way to keep the status quo or actually - god forbid - work like a normal person. In a moment of panic, she draws Dan into a web of lies that can only end badly.

First shown: 7 Aug 2014
Available for 18 days Duration 30 mins