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Paul Kenyon follows the men who have become some of the most powerful in the Ukraine conflict, including a former history teacher and a former businessman who now leads an army.

As Ukraine moves closer to civil war, reporter Paul Kenyon spends weeks with balaclava-wearing separatists, as they seize towns and fight for a breakaway republic.

He follows men who've become some of the most powerful in the conflict. There's Miroslav - the former history teacher with a newborn baby - who joins protesters storming a local government building and is now part of the three man governing body of the People's Republic of Donetsk and Alexei, a former small businessman who now finds himself leading a 200 strong army.

The programme also questions the new Mayor of Slaviansk - who rose to power during the rebellion after taking his predecessor prisoner, and who now boasts he's holding forty hostages in the town hall's cellars.

First shown: 8.30pm 19 May 2014 Available for 8 months Duration 30 mins