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Roy becomes so immersed in Japanese culture for a school project that he ends up turning totally manga. Roy's knowledge of Japan may end up saving the day.

It's a big week for Roy's school, Sandyford Progressive. It's been twinned with another school in Japan. The students are enjoying a week of Japanese-themed classes ahead of a visit from the principal of the Japanese school, Mr Tanaka. Mr Hammond sees this visit as the perfect opportunity to display his many skills and perhaps even become a principal in Japan - he's wasted at Sandyford Progressive Learning. Roy is enjoying the judo and origami, but his favourite Japanese activity is reading the manga comics Mr Lucey gave him. Roy reads intensely all night and when he is called for breakfast he has become Manga Roy! He gracefully enters the kitchen and bows to his parents, politely says good morning and sits down. He even takes great care with his tea. Bill, Maura and Becky are speechless as Roy displays good manners and polite behaviour. At school, Mr Hammond is horrified to see Roy do a manga-style attack on Deco. He summons Roy to his office and gives him a very stern talking-to, firstly about his appearance being potentially insulting to the Japanese principal and secondly about how Roy isn't going to ruin all his preparations for this special day. Mr Hammond proudly polishes and wraps the gift for Mr Tanaka, but Roy notices that it's actually potentially insulting to the Japanese principal. However, Mr Hammond ignores Roy and insists he knows more about the culture and promptly bans him from the day's activities. Roy does not give up and informs the gang. They come up with elaborate plans to gatecrash the performances, destroy the offending gift and save the honour of the school. Will it turn out that actually Mr Hammond is more embarrassing than Roy? Will Roy manage to save the day and spare Mr Hammond's blushes?

First shown: 5pm 27 Mar 2014
Available for 13 days Why? Duration 28 mins