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Parents secretly keep an eye on what their teenage kids get up to at music festivals. Lauren and Chris both hit the fields of Kendal Calling Festival for booze-fuelled partying.

Two groups of teenagers hit the muddy fields of Kendal Calling Festival in Cumbria rather than the beaches for some booze-fuelled partying away from their parents. There are arguments, vomiting and public urination from the kids, but what they don't know is that their parents are there with them watching it all.

It's 19-year-old party girl Lauren's first festival and her parents are hoping that spying on their daughter will allay their worries about her drinking too much. However, their worst fears are confirmed as they watch in horror as an extremely drunk Lauren stumbles around the festival and behaves in a way that leaves them speechless.

Amateur boxer Chris is making this festival a big blowout before he starts training and he starts early by getting so drunk he falls out of the car on arrival. His mum hopes she has brought him up with Christian values and respect for women, so what will she make of her son's attempt at pulling and semi-nudity?

First shown: 9pm 26 Feb 2014 5 days left Duration 60 mins

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