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Formatted TV shows like Big Brother are part of a global industry worth billions of pounds. Evan Davis talks to those at the top of the business about how fortunes are made.

Successful TV formats like Big Brother, Pop Idol, X-Factor and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire are sold and broadcast all round the world, netting their creators billions of pounds. But how can you protect such a valuable asset? And are too many copycat versions saturating the market and crushing original ideas? Evan Davis finds out from those at the top of the lucrative global industry of TV formats.

Guests: Louise Pedersen, Managing Director, all3media international Ricardo Pereira, TV Globo Director for Europe Charlie Parsons, creator of Survivor and CEO, Castaway Productions TV.

First shown: 5.30am 15 Feb 2014 6 months left Duration 30 mins

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