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Documentary series focused on the upcoming Scottish referendum. This first programme looks at some of the worldwide events that have contributed to the need for a referendum.

How did Scotland reach the point where we will soon be holding a referendum deciding the fate of the United Kingdom? What are the factors responsible, and is there a 'Smoking Gun' to explain it all?

The film traces the global and national events of the last 60 years that may have all contributed to us going to the voting booths later this year. From the 'theft' of the Stone of Destiny to the discovery of oil, and even to Elvis Presley and the Cold War.

No stone is left unturned as we examine both the fun and serious 'Smoking Guns' that are responsible for making 18 September 2014 one of the most important dates in Scotland's history.

First shown: 9pm 28 Jan 2014
Available for 1 month Duration 60 mins

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