Animated series. Mitchell creates a ghostly homework service when he stumbles on a classroom that is occupied by the ghosts of students.

Animated series following three friends as they investigate all manner of bizarre and odd occurrences at their inner-city school.

Mitchell hasn't done any of his assignments - neither his English report on Charles Dickens nor his proposal for the Young Entrepreneurs' Club. Looking for a place to hide and avoid his teachers, Mitchell stumbles on a classroom that looks like it hasn't been used for 100 years. But he's not alone - the classroom is occupied by the ghostly figures of students from the past. Freaked out, Mitchell runs from the room, leaving his unfinished work behind. When he returns to the room with Becky and Templeton, they discover something incredible - all his homework and his Young Entrepreneurs' proposal have been completed! By the ghost students! They appear to be stuck in the room, eager to do all work assigned to them. Being a crafty young entrepreneur, Mitchell realises he's got a potential business and soon puts the ghosts to work, creating a 'Guaranteed A' homework service. Meanwhile, Abercrombie's impressed that a student business is actually earning money. But it begins to unravel when Mitchell, Becky and Templeton realise the ghost students are actually underachievers placed in a form of eternal detention and the work they've been doing is really shoddy. Can the trio free these poor ghosts from their eternal detention while avoiding it themselves? Will these ghostly troublemakers get free and wreak havoc in the school? Will Mitchell ever turn a project in on time? Yes, yes, and no.

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