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Working under Theo Randall's tutelage, students from Brooklands College in Surrey cook a wild mushroom risotto before he decides which one will leave the process.

Three of the UK's most renowned chefs are going back to catering college. Tom Kitchin, Theo Randall and Michel Roux Jr are each looking for a young student to take under their wing, someone they can mentor and inspire, who can eventually become their protege.

Top chef in Italian cuisine Theo Randall begins his search as he returns to Brooklands College in Surrey where he himself trained. He meets three of the college's best students as he sets them a simple test to assess their level of skill, their instinct in the kitchen and, more importantly, what kind of bond he could potentially develop with them. Asking the students to prepare sea bass using an array of ingredients, including fennel olives and capers, Theo quickly gets an idea of the type of chefs that these youngsters have the potential to be.

The three chefs are then brought together as Theo shows them how to cook a dish that reflects his core rustic Italian culinary principles, a wild mushroom risotto. Working under Theo's tutelage, the students recreate the dish before he decides which one will leave the process.

First shown: 6.30pm 20 May 2013 Expires tomorrow 4:45pm Duration 29 mins

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