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Snog Marry Avoid? - Series 6 - 5. Jo and Kristie

Makeunder show with Ellie Taylor and POD. Jo has always known that she was a girl trapped in a boy's body but POD can't see why that girl has to look like a stripper. (R)

Snog Marry Avoid? is back and hitting the streets of Britain. Expect transformations so jaw-dropping that even the fiercest fake fanatics will give up their old looks for good. Comic Ellie Taylor and her caustic sidekick POD are on tour and ready to do battle with the nation's fakers. This time they have back up, with mums and dads of Britain wanting to free their children of fakery and standing by POD in her mission to restore natural beauty. If you are a fakery fanatic then sleep with one glittery eye open because POD is on the move and taking no prisoners.

POD lands in Nottingham, where Ellie man ups in order to get to the bottom of why men walk around with their trousers half way down their backsides. POD performs two dramatic transformations: Jo has always known that she was a girl trapped in a boy's body, but POD can't compute why that girl has to look like a stripper; and 'I like to look dead' Kristie's mum wishes she could see her real daughter again - 'it's like a disguise, not my Kristie' - but her boyfriend says 'she won't go down without a fight'.

Can POD turn them both into natural beauties? And will they keep their looks? (R)


  1. Key talent Ellie Taylor

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