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Makeunder show with Ellie Taylor and POD. Vikki is sure there's no natural beauty under her fake tan and Lady Gaga-obsessed Eli wants to be more self-confident.

Snog Marry Avoid? is back and hitting the streets of Britain. Expect transformations so jaw-dropping that even the fiercest fake fanatics will give up their old looks for good. Comic Ellie Taylor and her caustic sidekick POD are on tour and ready to do battle with the nation's fakers. This time they have back-up, with mums and dads of Britain wanting to free their children of fakery and standing by POD in her mission to restore natural beauty. If you are a fakery fanatic then sleep with one glittery eye open because POD is on the move and taking no prisoners.

In Bromley, Ellie is transformed into a walking, talking, living doll, as she takes on a look popular with the locals. POD performs two jaw-dropping transformations. Queen of the jungle Vikki is convinced that there's no natural beauty under the fake tan and extensions, but her partner Candice is desperate for her to see the truth. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga-obsessed Eli wants to find out if she can be confident just being herself. Can POD turn them both into natural beauties? And will they stick to it?

First shown: 10pm 18 Mar 2013
Available for 21 days Duration 29 mins

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