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Animation. Tilly thinks playing princess and waiting to be rescued is boring. She would rather dress up as a knight, but Pru is horrified at the idea.

Tilly and her five animal friends enjoy all the adventures the world around them has to offer. When Tilly tries on a knight's shield from the dressing up box Pru is horrified. She thinks boys should be knights and girls should be princesses. But being a princess and waiting around to be rescued is boring. Tilly doesn't think its fair that Tiptoe, Hector and Tumpty get to have all the fun just because they're boys. But when the brave knights run into trouble in the garden shed, it's up to the princesses to come to the rescue!

First shown: 7:50am 5 Mar 2013
Available until Fri 3:15pm Why?
Duration 11 mins

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