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Thinking Allowed - Drugs for Life; Subcultural Identity

Laurie Taylor explores the growing medicalisation of our everyday lives. Also, hanging on to a subcultural identity when youth has passed.

Drugs for life - Laurie Taylor talks to the US anthropologist, Joseph Dumit, about his research into the burgeoning consumption of medicine in the US. Dumit did ethnographic research with drug company executives, marketers, researchers, doctors and patients, and assessed the industry's strategies for expanding their markets. He asks if the huge growth in medication ties us to a radically new conception of ourselves as intrinsically ill and need of treatment. Is this a uniquely American development or does it equally apply to the UK and beyond? He's joined by the British sociologist, John Abraham.

Also, hanging on to a subcultural identity in later life - we hear from listeners who still carry a torch for their youthful selves, be it as teds, mods, punks or goths....Professor Angela McRobbie analyses the phenomenon.

Producer: Chris Wilson.

  • Broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 12:15AM Mon, 11 Mar 2013
  • Available until 12:00AM Thu, 1 Jan 2099
  • First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 4:00PM Wed, 6 Mar 2013
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  • Duration 28 minutes

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