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Documentary following two children who are at the start of a journey to get high-tech limbs to replace the ones they have lost, and finding out what a difference this will make.

13-year-old Ella from Sheffield is a rock climber who plans to scale El Capitan with her Dad. El Capitan is a towering rock in California's Yosemite Valley and climbing it is a challenge that even the most seasoned of pro climbers struggle with. Ella and her dad must spend four days living and sleeping in a vertical world as they make their way slowly up the rock face.

They battle soaring temperatures, rope tangles and each other's patience as they try to make it to the top. While the rest of her year-nine friends are studying hard in school, Ella is getting to grips with her first experience of big-wall climbing and pushing her body to the limit. If she does make it, she will be the youngest girl to have ever conquered this iconic rock.

First shown: 5.45pm 12 Feb 2013
Available for 17 days Duration 25 mins