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You and Yours - 07/12/2012

Silver Line, a helpline for elderly people in distress, is launched by Childline founder Esther Rantzen. Plus coupon use and Britain's first 'packaging free' grocery.

Child Line founder Esther Rantzen has launched a similar service for elderly people in distress; Silver Line is being piloted in Manchester and will go live across the rest of the UK in the coming year.

Northern Ireland hoped that the end of the Troubles in the Province would see a boom in tourism boom but despite an expensive advertising campaign the number of visitors to Northern Ireland has fallen.

Britain has gone coupon crazy; last year 60% of us used one and the boom is likely to continue as the hard pressed seek to cash in on bargains in tough economic times.

A disclaimer popping up on your Facebook urging you to post it on your page or risk losing copyright over any personal content is a hoax.

Mark Pearson, the man behind one of the UK's biggest online discount voucher companies, was a cash strapped twenty-something before having the idea that launched him onto the Sunday Times Rich List six years later what was the secret of his success?

A Continental style Christmas Market has become popular in many of our towns and cities; they look pretty but local traders find them less attractive.

Britain's first 'packaging free' grocery store has opened but is it such a good idea?

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