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You and Yours - Consumer minister Jo Swinson takes your questions

The consumer minister Jo Swinson takes your questions. Plus, why putting your new credit card on Facebook could spell disaster and what's happened to your spare tyre?

Got a gripe? The Consumer Minister Jo Swinson responds to your questions.

Some bank customers are so proud of the pictures on their new personalised credit cards that they can't wait to share them on Facebook. Bad idea. Find out why you should stop doing it immediately.

And just imagine the scenario... It's a rainy night. You're driving. You get a puncture. But when you pull over and delve inside the boot, there's no spare tyre! Guess what? More and more car companies are selling vehicles without spare tyres. We find out why and if there's anything you can do about it.

  • Broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 12:04PM Mon, 19 Nov 2012
  • Available until 12:00AM Thu, 1 Jan 2099
  • First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 12:00PM Mon, 19 Nov 2012
  • Categories
  • Duration 55 minutes

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