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The Philosopher's Arms - Series 2 - Episode 4

The Philosopher's Arms is a pub where philosophy and the real world meet for a drink. Matthew Sweet asks whether we have any moral reason to obey the law?

Welcome to the Philosopher's Arms - a place where philosophical ideas, logical dilemmas and the real world meet for a chat and a drink.

Each week presenter Matthew Sweet takes a puzzle with philosophical pedigree and asks why it matters in the everyday world. En route we'll learn about the thinking of such luminaries as Aristotle, Hobbes, Hume, Kant, John Stuart Mill and Wittgenstein. All recorded in a pub with an audience, who'll have their own contributions to make - but whose assumptions and intuitions will be challenged and, perhaps, undermined.

Propping up the bar this year will be philosophers such as Julian Baggini and Nigel Warburton, and academic experts on memory, the law, art and computers. We'll be meeting bald men, a woman who used to be a man, and a woman who can't remember being a girl. Plus music from The Drifters - a far more philosophical group than you'd ever imagine. This programme is a repeat Producer: David Edmonds Editor: Jeremy Skeet.

  • Broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 11:30PM Thu, 27 Sep 2012
  • Available until 12:00AM Thu, 1 Jan 2099
  • First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 3:00PM Tue, 28 Aug 2012
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  • Duration 30 minutes

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