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Animation. Sweetie doesn't want to race with Tallulah and the Vrooms because they have wheels and she doesn't. Featuring the story The Forest Race.

Driver Dan goes on an exciting journey to Story Corner with a lovable cast of animated friends.

Driver Dan is getting a race track ready for Sweetie, Tallulah and the Vrooms that will race through muddy puddles and long grass and over the bridge. Just before the race begins, Sweetie says that she doesn't want to race, she thinks that it will be too hard and that the others will go much faster than her because they have wheels. But when Driver Dan and the other racers tell Sweetie how much they want her to join in, she bravely agrees to try her best. And when wheels get stuck in mud and then in grass, Sweetie runs ahead and finds herself the surprise winner.

Featuring the story The Forest Race.

First shown: 6pm 17 Jul 2012
Available until Sat 1pm Why?
Duration 11 mins