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Rachel Khoo demonstrates recipes for classic French cuisine. She puts her twist on the classic French cassoulet, makes steak tartare and bakes a pistachio and goat's cheese cake.

Food writer and cook Rachel Khoo invites viewers into her tiny Paris kitchen as she brings her creative touch to classic and modern French cuisine. Her simple and appealing recipes provide delicious yet achievable results - taking the fear out of cooking French food.

In this six-part series, Rachel shows off her talent for turning ordinary ingredients into extraordinary French dishes, cooking up everything from light bites to stunning suppers. Throughout the series, Rachel shares her Parisian food influences - taking in North African-inspired markets and the capital's trendiest bistros.

In this tasty episode, Rachel puts her twist on the classic French cassoulet by transforming it into a soup, and bakes a sumptuous yet unusual cake made from pistachio and goat's cheese. She takes a trip to an award-winning Parisian cheese shop and visits Rungis, the world's largest wholesale food market, to produce steak tartare for a group of demanding French butchers.

First shown: 8.30pm 2 Apr 2012

Available for 29 days Duration 28 mins

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