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The Private Lives of Pippa Lee -

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Robin Wright Penn and Alan Arkin star in this romantic comedy drama about the complexities of marriage and one woman's bittersweet journey of self-discovery. (R)

Romantic comedy drama about the complexities of marriage and a bittersweet journey of self-discovery. Pippa Lee is devoted to her husband, a publisher thirty years her senior. She has two successful children, and is adored by those around her. But her husband's desire to leave New York for a retirement home, and an affair he has with a woman younger than she is, causes her to reassess her life. She soon finds herself headed towards a quiet nervous breakdown. (R)


  1. Herb Lee Alan Arkin
  2. Pippa Lee Robin Wright Penn
  3. Chris Keanu Reeves
  4. Sandra Winona Ryder
  5. Kat Julianne Moore
  6. Young Pippa Blake Lively
  7. Suky Sarkissian Maria Bello
  8. Grace Lee Zoe Kazan
  9. Sam Shapiro Mike Binder
  10. Gigi Lee Monica Bellucci
  11. Ben Lee Ryan McDonald
  12. Dot Shirley Knight

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