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Ex-footballer Steve tries to give bride-to-be Kaleigh the WAG wedding of her dreams, but is his plan of a rollercoaster ride at Thorpe Park a huge mistake?

26-year-old Steve tries so hard to pull off the wedding of his dreams, but when he's confronted with his furious bride-to-be Kaleigh on their wedding day, does he finally realise he's made a huge mistake?

Ex-footballer Steve puts a whole new meaning to the word romance when he decides to have their WAG wedding at Thorpe Park. His sentimental idea of putting Kaleigh on the Stealth ride before they've even tied the knot comes crashing down when she refuses to do it.

Steve may have lost his footballing career, but he's desperate to give Kaleigh the WAG wedding she's been longing for. And with Kaleigh's high standards there is no mistake that this bride-to-be wants her wedding day to be big and bling with a list of demands longer than Victoria Beckham's arm.

While Steve can't afford to give Kaleigh the life of a footballer's wife, it doesn't mean he can't try to give her a wedding to remember - so will an 80mph rollercoaster ride followed by a low-key hotel wedding ceremony and a return to Thorpe Park for their reception in a conference centre be the WAG wedding of Kaleigh's dreams?

You'll have to watch it to believe it.

First shown: 1 Nov 2011
Available for 12 days Duration 60 mins

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