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Another bride takes a back seat and lets her groom organise their big day, as Scottish country boy John tries to give city girl fiancee Jackie a wedding to remember.

Twenty-nine-year-old John and his fiancee, 30-year-old Jackie, live in Kirkintilloch, an old mining town on the outskirts of Glasgow. Country boy John was born there and has never left, but city girl Jackie hails from Glasgow's smart West End and has always dreamt of a sophisticated and glamorous wedding.

It was love at first sight when their two worlds collided when Jackie was invited to the Kirkintilloch Miners' Club for a friend's birthday. Jackie enjoys posh nights out in the city centre, but John prefers a pint at his local, the miners' club. Jackie prides herself on her appearance and John thrives on his eccentric dress sense.

John has his head in the clouds for his bride's big day and wants to throw Jackie out of a plane at 10,000 feet on the morning of her wedding. Followed by a reception at the miners' club - a place Jackie hates and has to drag John away from.

So will our bride skydive on the morning of the wedding? And what will happen when she realises her wedding reception is at the Kirky Miners' Club? Can this man give this woman the wedding she really wants?

First shown: 6 Sep 2011
Available for 19 days Why? Duration 60 mins