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In the last episode, Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo set out to discover if religion and food are still closely linked in Italy.

Internationally renowned chefs and old friends, Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo, return to the Italy they left more than 40 years ago to discover what has changed in Italian culture in that time and how that has affected the way Italians eat. In this final episode of the series, religious sceptic Antonio and fanatical believer Gennaro eat their way along a culinary pilgrimage through Puglia's monasteries, holy shrines and festivals to discover whether food and religion are still as closely linked as they were in their youth. After a pilgrim's picnic, they visit a monastery once as famous for its vibrant produce as for its 2,000-year-old saint's tooth. Here they discover the impact of a more material world on the Catholic religion and Gennaro chooses to spend a night in a friary cell. At the shrine of his personal saint Padre Pio, Gennaro finds himself moved by the religious fervour of the pilgrims whilst Antonio questions the ethics of the religious tourist industry and bemoans its impact on the food available. Later, they join an olive harvest, eat at a straw-fired bread oven and join in a unique celebration of the Day of the Dead where it becomes clear that in this historically poor region, religion is still simple and pure and food is still revered as a gift from God. They cook recipes traditionally associated with religious festivals: Easter lamb with peas, sweet and sour bread salad and double layered panettone and ricotta pudding.

First shown: 7:30pm 25 May 2011
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Duration 59 mins