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Waybuloo - Series 2 - 43. Fairy Thing

Series set in the magical land of Nara. When De Li sees something beautiful and floaty flying inside her shed, the Piplings think they have found a new fairy friend.

De Li sees something beautiful and floaty flying inside her shed and Nok Tok thinks it might be a fairy. De Li is very excited, but the beautiful floaty thing disappears from her shed and flies into her home. When the cheebies arrive, De Li wants to show them her new fairy friend but it disappears again! When they finally find it, the cheebies realise it's not a fairy - it's a group of fireflies!

They think that the fireflies are looking for a new home, so they build a dark tent at the back of De Li's shed. The fireflies all fly into their new home. De Li is delighted!

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